Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finished My Seashell Wreath

I finally got my version of my boss' seashell wreath finished. This one to the left is the one Jean made.

Here is mine below. The materials for it came from AC Moore (for the grape vine wreath), 2 beaches in Norfolk, 2 beaches in Virginia Beach, and 2 shells I had from the Tampa/Clearwater area from several years ago. Like Jean's wreath, the materials could be anything found on the beach. I could have had cigarette butts or plastic sport drink caps, if I'd wanted.

Everything is hot glued on. It took a lot of soaking in soapy water and then Lysol to get rid of the stink on these shells. The weird thing is that the items I picked up in Virginia Beach smelled worse than the items I picked up in Norfolk.

I've got:
  • two different kinds of sea grass
  • feathers
  • pieces of driftwood
  • various shells (some are mussels)
  • horseshoe crab shells
  • various other crab shells
  • mermaid purses
  • 1 piece of sea glass
  • 1 Corona extra bottle cap
  • a couple of rocks
  • some barnacles

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