Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Remade My Jedi Communicator

Several months ago, I realized my Jedi communicator was gone. I think I accidentally left it in my original pouch when I donated it to a thrift store, when I got a new belt and pouch. It really kind of pissed me off, because the razors the communicators were made from, are no longer being produced. They've actually been out of production for a handful of years now.

I was able to track down a seller in Singapore on eBay that had knockoffs of the razors. I ordered one and it took weeks to get here. When it finally arrived, the seller required that I be here in order to sign for the delivery. No signature=no delivery. My mailman comes in the early afternoon, and I wasn't getting home from work during the week until almost 6 PM. After a couple of conversations with him, he said to sign the postcard and he would leave the package for me, if I wasn't home. I thought that was pretty cool of him, because the post office branch I would go to is closed on Saturdays. It was kind of a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I got my new communicator done. It's similar to the original one, but I liked the first one better. Time to go stash this one in with my costume.

Once it's not so hot here, I'm going to have my husband take photos of me. I had a friend take some indoors for me a few weeks ago, but all of them turned out blurry.

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