Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Fantasy Room

In May, I entered a contest with Grandin Road that I didn't win. Since then, I've been thinking more about interior design. My home is shabby chic, because that's what I personally like. I like cobbling together a room, or a "look" or a theme, from several different sources.

For example, in our living room, we have:

  • a low entertainment center from Ashley Furniture for our TV
  • a cat stand
  • the bench I got for free, and refinished, from Nicole the Knitter
  • a leather recliner and dual recliner sofa from a local furniture store that went out of business years ago
  • a 50 gal fish tank on a faux oak stand
  • a short glass topped table from my great aunt Ellen
  • 2 matching dark wood pedestal tables from my mom from Hancock Fabrics
  • a homemade wine bottle lamp
  • 2 matching homemade shell filled canister lamps
  • and then all the assorted things that also go into a living room
This is not catalog living here. It's comfortable, and that's what I like. However, since I do really like the Grandin Road furniture (hell, I even liked the over-priced furniture that Hancock's was trying to sell years ago!), I felt compelled to put together another room from the most recent catalog. I did a front porch and a living room for the contest. 

This is what I'd put into my Orange Office (click the picture to embiggen this bad's a large image). This is a room for working, not so much entertainment, so I'd keep the knick knacks and personal photos/mementos to a minimum, for better concentration.

  • I'd paint one of the walls with Behr Paint 250B-5 (Orange Spice) in an eggshell finish.
  • The other three walls would be painted with Behr Paint in 730C-3 (Castle Path) in a matte finish.
  • For the floor, I'd go with a wood pallet plank floor, and while I'd seal the floor, I'd want to leave it a little rustic and rough looking. No stain.
  • Window treatments would  be bamboo shades. It would bring another texture into the room and it would play off the color scheme I've got going on. I've got tortoise shell bamboo blinds in our bedroom and I love them!
  • I'd tie the room together with the 7'10"x 9'10" Damask Outdoor Rug in Neutral, now on sale for $199, regularly $249. I really need to break down and get one of these for our living room. I don't care that it's an outdoor rug. Between regular house traffic, a dog and a cat, I bet these suckers hold up remarkably well.
  • The "Street Car" artwork is 40"x 68", at $229. It would be hung on the Orange Spice wall.
  • Up against the wall with the "Street Car" art, I'd have the Westerfield Tufted Ottoman in Sunset ($249). This would be the half of the guest seating.
  • The nearly 24" long Hamilton Pen Sculpture would hang over hand-carved Waverly Chest. The pen runs $129. It would be hung on a wall opposite the "Street Car" art, on one of the Castle Path walls. 
  • Underneath the pen (and close to the desk) would be the hand-carved Waverly Chest, for $399.
  • The Scallop Copper Tray ($199) would sit on the chest.
  • I would have two of the Mabry Leather Club Chairs (I believe this color was called Weathered Dove). These are $399 each. This would be the other half of the guest seating, and I'd have these floating in the center of the room, facing the desk.
  • An Artisan-Crafted Riveted Drum Table ($299) would sit between the club chairs.
  • The Valencia Side Chair in Camel ($299 for a set of 2, even though I only want 1) would be paired with the Nielson Desk ($499). I would have the desk floating as well, in the room, facing the club chairs.
  • The orange Lydia Lamp ($79) and the Richmond Clock ($129) would sit on the desk.
  • I'd have two of the copper domed lights ($99 each), and one of the glass bell lights ($89 each), hung from the ceiling near the Waverly Chest.
  • The Lyon "Vintage Gate" artwork ($169) would be hung close to the desk, also on a Castle Path wall.

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