Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sewing Machine Cabinet Continues

I managed to get the drawers stripped and sanded tonight, instead of going to the gym. I did make up for the gym by riding my bike about six miles tonight around the neighborhood.

Before, with stripper working on the drawers.

After being sanded.  The darker two drawers with cleaned with Murphy's Oil Soap because I ran out of wood cleaner to get rid of the sawdust.
I have been learning already from this project:
  • Strip the wood first, and then worry about the sanding. I did it in reverse with my little bench. :)
  • When you are using the wood cleaner to remove the stripper residue, it seems to work better if you pour it on the wood directly, let it sit for a moment and then start wiping it away. Think about using it the same way you apply wood stain. The stain I removed here turned very thick and goopy and sticky. Rubbing it off by hand didn't do enough.
  • When you are using the wood cleaner to remove sawdust after sanding, apply it with a rag. If you pour it on here, the wood takes on a white/ashy look when it dries. At least, this old mahogany did.
  • Make your local dollar store your best friend. Get yourself a plastic or silicone basting brush and a dough scraper, as well as rubber gloves. I got a Betty Crocker brush and scraper at my local Dollar Tree for applying and scraping off the stripper, and they are AWESOME!

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