Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doing Some Cat Statue Painting

Several years ago, I went to the Christmas Mouse in Williamsburg, VA and bought a plain white cat tree ornament. I repainted it to look like Dixie.

This was actually primed first and was a complete repaint. I think I did a good job on this, although the grey is a little darker than the grey she had. But it was custom mixed to get it as close as it is. I even made sure to get the inside corners of the statues eyes colored correctly. The inside corners of Dixie's eyes were two different colors. Her left eye corner color was a little more brown/rust colored, and her right eye corner was more pink/beige.

I decided the time had come to paint one of Orion. This time, the statue came from the Christmas Mouse in Virginia Beach. I started with a black cat.
I added in her white tuxedo markings on her neck, chest, toes and tummy. I also made sure to take time to get both sides of her little mustache done correctly, and even added in some white and grey into her ears.

I am still working on a Cujo statue as well, from the stash of German Shepherd Christmas ornaments that I already had upstairs in the attic. His is harder to get right because his color patterns aren't as distinct as Dixie or Orion's.

I'm starting to get a little worried about my boy's back legs. At 12 years old, they aren't as strong as they used to be and he's starting to trip more than he ever did before. I'm fairly certain that his legs will give out on him before anything else does, and he'll have to be put to sleep.

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