Monday, December 29, 2014

An Observation About Alan Arkin

I watched "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" tonight. Steve Carrell does a wonderful combination of outrage and dumb so well, so I really enjoyed this movie.

However, Alan Arkin, like just about every movie he's in, absolutely stole the show for me. He's got such incredible comedic timing, and let's be honest...he does the cranky, old, sarcastic man routine SO WELL. He's absolutely hysterical and I'd love to meet him. That mans a treasure. Seriously...go watch "Grudge Match." He and Kevin Hart need to be in more movies together.

And here's the thing about Alan Arkin in this movie: he plays Steve Carrell's hero, magician Rance Holloway.

But who does he look like? Does he remind anyone else of anyone in particular, or is it just me? Click on the pictures, if you need to see Mr. Arkin bigger, if that helps your imagination any.

Give up? With that hair, that smirk, that crotchety face, that look of disdain and disgust...doesn't Alan Arkin look just like William Hartnell, the first man to play the Doctor on "Doctor Who?"

Alan Arkin is the man we need to portray the first Doctor the next time there's a need for the Doctor's incarnations to all get together to save the universe. Think Alan could do a prissy British accent? None of that CGI shit for us! :)

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