Friday, December 19, 2014

Went to an Ugly Sweater Party

We got invited, almost at last minute, to an ugly sweater party tonight. My husband thought we could just go and not have ugly sweaters. I said no way. We have to at least try!

After work today (thank God it was a short day!), I ran over to Thrift Store USA. They didn't have any adult Christmas sweaters, but I was able to find two red sweaters, One is a Winnie the Pooh fleece pullover for me, and the other was from Denim and Co. Don't tell my husband, but he was wearing a woman's zip up sweater and didn't know it! :) That one already came with the white collar, so it was a must buy.

The decorations came from the Dollar Tree, the cupcake buttons on the cuffs of the pullover came from my mom's stash, and the cheapo gold snowflakes actually came from the thrift store bag I was going to donate.  They were part a larger set of Christmas ornaments we bought to keep Orion from destroying our good ornaments. My husband didn't want them because of...all...the...GLITTER!!! You should see the inside of my car! :)

I put garland and bows around the fleece hood and the kangaroo pocket; snowflakes on the front and back, and the cupcake buttons, of course.

My husband wanted the lights on his sweater, so I just whip stitched them to the front of the sweater. There were plastic candy ornaments on the collar, garland and round ornaments around his arms and shoulders, and just for fun, a pickle ornament became his zipper pull. Plus, there was the large star on his back. That star, like the snowflake ornaments, were stitched on and look a little wonky. Because it was an ugly sweater contest, I had to fight the urge to fix and center them all.

"A lot of families in Richmond and her surrounding Counties have known of the tradition for years and years. It is obviously a true Southern tradition and it indirectly started here in Richmond. It is the Legend of the Christmas Pickle.

"In the tradition, an adult hides a pickle-shaped ornament in the boughs of the tree after it is decorated. On Christmas morning, the children search the limbs of the tree, trying to be the first to find the pickle. The one that does find the ornament gets an extra present, or, as in years past, a healthy and happy year."

My husband was surprised that I was "going to all that trouble" and was so competitive. I just didn't want to go without suitably ugly sweaters. And I didn't expect there to be actual voting.

Only two other people at the party had homemade ugly sweaters. Well, it was one ugly sweater and one ugly long sleeved t-shirt. My husband's sweater was pretty popular but in the end, it was the host's ugly long sleeved sweater that won.

The prize of the night was actually a bottle of wine anyway, so I was glad I didn't win. I might have 2-3 drinks a year, because I don't care much for alcohol. It bums me out that alcohol is an appropriate gift or prize, especially around the holidays. I personally would have been happy with some cornball winner's certificate or some dollar store prize.

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