Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Comic Blast From the Past

I've been scanning a bunch of old photographs lately, and as I was saving them to our hard drive, I came across a folder called, "Comic Reviews." I had forgotten about that folder.

For a little while in 2001, I was reviewing various Spider-Man comic books for Spider-Man Crawlspace. At the time, I either went by my true name or Spider-Woman online. It was kind of like what I'm doing at Geek Crafts: I just wanted to write and this was another way to do it. I guess I still feel like if I'm posting on someone else's site, then my writing has more importance or depth or whatever, than if I'm just posting on my own site.

Anyway, it was kind of fun to run across these. I didn't PDF them at the time, probably because I didn't have that ability, so they were saved as image captures turned JPGs.

If you're interested in reading them, right click on the images and click, "Open in new tab." They will be large enough to read there.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spicy Chickpea Chicken

Tonight, I had Nicole the Knitter and Michelle the Cook over for supper. I decided to throw a few things into the crock pot and see how it came out. Amazingly, I got lots of compliments! I call this Spicy Chickpea Chicken, and it was made based on the contents of my cabinets and freezer.

--Assorted boneless chicken cutlets (the Perdue package I made had five small cutlets in it)
--1 jar (12 oz) of Herdez Tomatillo Verde Cooking Sauce
--1 can of chickpeas, drained
--Powdered garlic

Combine all the ingredients into the crock pot and allow it to cook on low for 5-7 hours. Serve with whatever you like as a side dish (I made steamed edamame). It's got a nice, slow spicy kick to it.

Sometimes, Things Just Work

I've had a good day today.

Yesterday was my last day at the HVAC place. The owner did find a new office manage and I was able to get her trained, which even with three days of training, I feel like I was able to give her more than I got myself. I laid awake last night, wondering if I'd made a huge mistake by quitting a job, when I didn't have a full time job to go immediately to. With only being able to get one day a week at the arts and crafts store, even with my husband's blessing to quit and save my sanity, I wasn't sure this was a good idea. Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes.

I got up this morning, nervous still. I was trying to be positive, because I had two interviews scheduled for today. One was in the morning with a non-profit, and the other was in the afternoon with a staffing company that's hiring for some other business.

The morning interview was at 9 AM, and it's for another office manager position. I was there for about 50 minutes, and they told me they were only doing 3 interviews total. After I'd been home for about an hour, my phone rang. It was the non-profit calling me back already with an offer to start on Monday. They are even letting me take time off in April to go back home for my mom's service (she had wanted us to wait until we could be all together, be feeling better about things, and do it in the spring when the weather would be nicer).

At my age (I'm 39 going on 7), I've finally realized I can have my dream jobs but they probably won't come through for me. I have to be realistic and get what I can and make the best of it. And t be happy to have it. Someone is always going to have it way worse than I am, and to someone out there, I live in the lap of luxury.

They liked me after only 50 minutes and a resume. And because they want me to start on Monday, it's like a birthday gift from my mom. Her birthday was St. Patrick's Day. Why do I feel like she's looking out for me?