Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dreamed a Recipe Last Night

I don't know where my head was last night when I went to bed, but I dreamed a recipe last night, as if I were testing it. In the dream, I was thinking about starting a hot dog cart (WHAT?) and I had a group of people over last night to try out a new hot dog recipe before I added it to the menu.

Here's that recipe. I'd actually like to make this one of these days.

  • Package of quality beef hot dogs
  • Package of large sub buns (not regular hot dog buns--they won't be large enough)
  • Carolina-style pulled pork BBQ (you can use the prepackaged kind from the grocery store if you don't have access to it straight out of the smoker)
  • Macaroni and cheese (the homemade kind, not the boxed kind, and it needs to be cheesy and moist)
  • Cole slaw (optional)
Prepare the mac and cheese, and make sure the BBQ meat is hot. If you're smoking your own pork, then throw some hot dogs in the smoker too, until they're done. If you're using already prepared BBQ meat, then prepare the hot dogs separately. Don't boil them (you don't want the dogs to be wet in the buns). Take the time to throw them on a grill and get some char on them. Toast the buns.

Once the bun is toasted to your liking, line one side of it with the pulled pork BBQ and macaroni and cheese on the other side. Drop the hot dog into the middle of the bun. You could top it with some cole slaw if you wanted, or just have it on the side.

In the dream, I don't remember how this was received by the people I had helping me test it. It does sound like a weird combination of food, but it's more like an entire meal in one bun and so that's why I really would like to make this in real life. I peeked around the internet a little bit this morning and found some variations of this recipe, so although I don't know where it came from, I know I didn't read it somewhere else.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This Is Your Brain on Knitting and My Life As a Jedi

I read this interesting article on CNN: This is your brain on knitting.

"Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say. It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging...The evidence to support this concept is overwhelming. Studies have found intellectually stimulating activities, such as learning a new language, can help prevent cerebral atrophy and significantly delay dementia. And a recently published clinical trial shows cognitive training can improve reasoning skills and the brain's processing speed for up to 10 years after said training has been completed."

Personally, I'm having a hard time getting any projects of any kind done around here. I've got a lot of stuff halfway done around here, but that's about the extent of it. I am re-working a blanket I made for my husband about 10 years ago that was falling apart, I'm scanning old family photos, and I've got to finish my new Jedi communicator and repair a spot on my Jedi robe.

Michelle the Cook is coming over on Saturday to take photos of me in the completed costume so I can apply finally to the Rebel Legion. I did finally manage to come up with my Jedi bio though.

Ami-Lyn Kel was born 39 years before the Battle of Yavin (or, a few years after Anakin Skywalker was born), on Mandalore, the fifth planet in the Mandalore system of the Outer Rim Territories, but she is not a Mandalorian. She was born to human parents, who agreed with the nomadic nature of the Mandalorians. But because the Mandalorians were frequently allied with the Sith, the family didn't feel entirely safe and they left Mandalore a few years after Ami-Lyn's birth.

They moved to Coruscant, where Master Yoda discovered the Force was strong in Ami-Lyn, as well as her parents. Because of their age, they were too old for training in the ways of the Jedi. However, her parents brought 5 year-old Ami-Lyn to the Jedi Temple for training, where she stayed, for 15 years, until shortly before Order 66 was delivered. She was Jedi Master Shaak Ti's Padawan. Ami-Lyn's parents had foreseen a great disturbance in the Force and felt their daughter's life was in great danger on that planet. They removed her from the Temple beforehand and the family barely made it off the planet alive.

To save their daughter from Order 66 and from the Great Jedi Purge that followed, the family moved to the planet Drall, where they settled in one of its forests, near the Boiling Sea. Ami-Lyn considers Drall her home world, but travels through the Corellian System as a Jedi peacekeeper. She has not yet become a Jedi Master.

Ami-Lyn was able to complete the Jedi trials; however, since all of the Jedis had either been murdered or scattered throughout the galaxy, she had to complete her training on her own.
· the Trial of Skill: light saber battle against Asajj Ventress
· the Trial of Courage: battle during Order 66 when the family was trying to leave Corsucant, when surrounded by Clone Troopers
· the Trial of the Flesh: loss and not knowing what became of her Master, Shaak Ti, after Order 66 was enacted
· the Trial of Spirit: having a vision of submitting to the Dark Side in order to regain the lost Jedi's that were killed during Order 66
· the Trial of Insight or Knowledge: done periodically throughout her training at the Temple.