Friday, May 9, 2014

Here Is My Fantasy Interior Room

Just the second entry in the Grandin Road contest: this time it's a large interior room.

This time, I've got two colors picked out. Whatever my largest wall would be, I'd paint it in Behr Cherry Red. The other three walls would be Desert Sand by Behr. which, as shown to the right, is actually Weather Proofing Wood Stain. But this is a fantasy room and we're thinkin' outside the box here, so I'm sticking to the Desert Sand. Whatever trim there is in the room would be white again. I'm hoping that in real life, using weather proofing wood stain on interior walls would create kind of a washed out, weather eroded kind of effect. I don't know if it would actually do anything, but that's why I'd want to try it at least.

And I'm imagining a large room here (I'm envisioning it as a den or something), so let's fill this bad boy up!

For starters, our area rug (over hardwood floors) would be the red Damask Cafe Outdoor Rug (upper left) in 7'10" x 9'10" for $249. I know this is like the Desert Sand and it's meant for outdoor use, but I love the faded look of the design so much I want it indoors.

For an entry way/front door rug, I'd have the Bicycle Mat (upper center), in 30" x 48" for $89. It's just too cute to not include.

On one sand colored wall (among family pictures, of course), I'd hang the Perennial "Secret Garden" (upper right), for $199. And on another wall, I'd have the Oversized Postema Wall Clock for $299. It measures 49" across. I think I'd hang this on my red wall.

For some storage somewhere up against a wall, I'd get the Voyager Chest for $369 (upper center). I'd have one of the three aged bronze lamps (lower center) sitting on top of it ($139 for the set of three).

In the center of the room, I'd have the Andros Sliding Trunk (center right) for storage and a place to set drinks and candles ($379). Around the trunk, I'd have two of the red Oxford Leather Chairs ($299 each) and the matching loveseat ($599). But you've got to have some throw pillows, so I'd have 4 or 5 of the red outdoor pillows (lower left), 16" square, for $25 each. Again, they too are meant for outdoor use, but I think they'd tie in with the rug very well.

I'd also have three of the Cambridge Tall Planters in red (center), for $99 each. I would have glass cut to top them off and use them as small side tables. I'd sit another one of the aged bronze lamps on one, and the Montagne Lamp (lower left) on another ($99). The remaining aged bronze floor lamp would be close to the seating area.

So there we go...another room completed and furnished by Grandin Road. I would LOVE to be able to do something like this to our living room.

Ooooh, Lookit This!

Is it a little weird that I got all excited to see that David Bromstad retweeted and favorited a tweet that I mentioned him in? It all stems from the Tweet I made about the Grandin Road contest I entered. BTW, I'm getting ready to post one more room for that contest.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Have Been Inspired!

Today, we had a departmental staff retreat at my boss's house. She's got a gorgeous house! They don't live on the beach but there is a definite beach theme throughout their house.

In the upstairs bathroom, I saw this wreath and I was totally inspired by it. I'm going to have to make one of these for myself!

I told her how much I loved it and she told me it was actually a school project for one of her daughters a few years ago. Her daughter didn't really show much interest in doing it apparently, so Jean said her daughter headed out to the beach to gather what she needed and Jean got busy with a glue gun.

I just absolutely love it!