Saturday, June 14, 2014

Additions to the Bucket List

I realized I had more stuff I wanted to add to my bucket list, so here goes. Some of these are really over the top, but that's what a bucket list is for. :)
  • I'd like to take a tour of a Navy sub, but my husband and I don't know anyone that works on board a sub.
  • I'd love to go for a ride in a fighter jet of some kind.
  • I want to go jet skiing in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • I want to go scuba diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean.
  • I want to go to the top of the Washington Monument. I've already been to the top of the Statue of Liberty and the St. Louis Arch.
  • I want to get a memorial tattoo in honor of my mom and my mother-in-law.
  • I'd like to cuddle a baby gorilla. I really don't know where this one comes from, but aren't baby gorillas the cutest babies EVER??!
  • I want to take a painting class, a la Bob Ross.
  • I want to go hang gliding in Kill Devil Hills, NC.
  • I want to see the archaeological dig at the Jamestown Settlement.
  • I want to go to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • I want to see KISS in concert, in the make-up. Ooooh, they are coming back to our area in August, so we are going to see them again!
  • I will get a job at some kind of animal shelter, and I'm going to be damn good at whatever I end up doing there. 
  • I will get at least one old, beat up piece of wood furniture, save it from going to the landfill, and refinish it. I've got another piece to start. :)
  • I'd like to go on an LCAC ride with my husband before he transfers to his new command. I had to cross this one off finally, because Shane left this command already. This bummed me out. I never got a ride on an LCAC out on the bay. Some of his family members did, and even though I offered to take any number of half days off from work, I never got to ride. 
  • I will go to see the Booth Trail in 2013. 
  • I will go to Natural Bridge, VA and the Shenandoah Valley and stay in a cabin in the woods
  • I will go to Hiddenite Gems, an emerald mine open to the public, in NC. 
  • I will go to the Richmond Zoo and the Virginia Zoo (they have done a lot of remodeling and I haven't been there for a several years). 
  • I will go to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. 
  • I want to go to Boston and Seattle, just for the sake of going.
  • I want to go to Tokyo some day. I would like to go to Hiroshima as well, but I've heard that Americans are unofficially unwelcomed there, and I don't blame the Japanese people if that's true. 
  • I want to see the pyramids and sphinx in Egypt. 
  • I'd love to see the Mona Lisa (she's in the Louvre in Paris) and The Scream (there are a couple, two of them are in Munich). 
  • I want to go to London, and maybe look for the TARDIS and the Doctor. 
  • I want to go to San Diego to see my best friend, go to Comic Con, wear a costume, take lots of photos, find an awesome looking Spider-Man so I can give him a hug for just being Spidey, and then walk a beach on the Pacific Ocean, looking for shells. 
  • I'd like to go to a taping of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" if we ever go to California. 
  • I want to have at least one great, wildly creative crochet pattern published in a real book somewhere. 
  • I'd like to have our yard be featured for our Halloween decorations with a local tv station, so people might understand you don't have to spend big bucks on decorations and still put together a great display (I say this because we don't go as crazy for Christmas decorations). 
  • I'd like to win a challenge on Craftster. 
  • I'd like to compete on Craft Wars on TLC. I had to cross this one off too, because I'm pretty sure it's no longer on the air. I can't find any updated information on it. 
  • I will finish the Jedi costume finally and I will join the Rebel Legion
  • I will finish the doll house I started several years ago. 
  • I want to go to Ohio and see Ralphie Harper's house from The Christmas Story. 
  • I want to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert, and maybe even the Bangles if I ever get to California. 
  • I want to see the Barenaked Ladies again, the next time they come to Hampton Roads.
  • I want to take my friends to the Virginia Safari drive through park in Stanton, VA.

Friday, June 13, 2014

It Was a Good Beachcombing Day

I had the day off from work so I decided to go out and hit the beaches in Norfolk to start getting supplies for my version of my boss's shell wreath. I found enough stuff to get me started but I'm going to need to go to Virginia Beach tomorrow. I can't find horseshoe crab shells or mermaid purses out here. I did find a Corona beer bottle cap though, and it made me laugh a little bit, so I snagged it for my wreath.

While I was out though, I came across something I've never seen before. I was out in the Ocean View area where there are condos on the beach. While I was walking, I actually came across the remains of a turtle. I'm guessing it was a sea turtle that had washed ashore several days before today.

If you're squeamish, just go on to another page right now, okay?

Still here? Alright, you've been warned.

I thought it was kind of sad that this was all that was left of this beautiful creature. Just a tangle of bones, a skull, thin leathery flippers, all in a tangle of seaweed and tendons. The weird thing is that he/she didn't really smell. You'd think the stench coming off this pile would be atrocious! How could someone in the condos, or even tourists (because we are in the midst of tourist season here on our beaches) not bother to call the Aquarium stranding team? Or at the very least, dispose of the carcass on their own?

The only other time I'd seen anything remotely close was yeaaaaaaaaars ago, when our niece and nephew were here, a much larger (dead) turtle with a wounded flipper washed ashore in Virginia Beach. People were respectful and looked at it, but stayed away from it because the Aquarium had a team on the way to take care of it.

This turtle was much smaller. I'm thinking no more than 100 pounds. It was probably a loggerhead. "A true stranding is defined as a dead or live debilitated sea turtle found in the water or on a
shoreline for which interactions with a lawfully conducted human activity such as commercial/recreational fishing or navigational channel dredging cannot be confirmed through
direct observation."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What...The Hell...Is THIS?

"Replacing Hyperspace Hoopla and the Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars at Star Wars Weekends 2014, Walt Disney World has introduced a new character gathering as a pre-show to the Symphony in the Stars fireworks. Each night of the event at Disney's Hollywood Studios, host James Arnold Taylor (voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in "The Clone Wars") introduces sets of characters to the stage including Jedi, Rebels, Bounty Hunters, and the evil Empire, and more, many armed with weapons and pyrotechnics. Characters include Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and three new characters from Star Wars Rebels among others."

WHAT?? Disney got rid of the Hyerspace Hoopla? I might have been the only person that didn't think Snig and Oopla were completely obnoxious.

Seriously, this little "show" they've got now with James Arnold Taylor is pretty fucking lame. The characters don't even "fight" with each other. They just come out and prance around on the stage with their weapons. Boba Fett fires off a few blasts, but that's about it.


Hell, this actually bummed me out to find out there wouldn't be a new dance off this year. I always looked forward to the video. Thank God I at least found this video to tide me over.

It's so corny and even though I love the classic white and black storm troopers, I don't mind them being made to be complete dorks.

But THIS video is truly inspiring!

Mark Hamill was the best Joker, even before Jack Nicholson, in my humble geek opinion. For those of you that don't know, Mark was the Joker on "Batman: The Animated Series" on Fox from 1992-1998. (It had BEAUTIFUL animation, by the way. If you're a fan of art deco design or vintage animation, I suggest you check it out.) Quick fun fact: Mark was also the voice of the Hobgoblin on "Spider-Man" series, also on Fox from 1994-1998.

Anyway, back to Mark Hamill: was anyone else geeked out because he's growing a beard? Possibly for the next Star Wars movie, kind of like an homage to Obi Wan Kenobi?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Update on the Titans Blanket

I've made a little progress with the Titans blanket. It's going to be wide enough for a queen sized bed! This is going to be bigger than the Steelers blanket, easily. This is the just the bottom of the blanket, where the word TITANS is just starting to be spelled out.

I put my hand in here to show how far I am right now. I'm going to leave all my loose tails until after it's completely done and washed. Then I'll trim out any loose ends that are still sticking out.