Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pumping Out the Pillowcases

This last week, I didn't once touch the Titans blanket I've been working on. Instead, I had a different project. I made 21 pillowcases.

It may not sound like much, but to me, it was fairly cathartic, (nevermind the fact that I have a hard time sewing a straight line and I swear like I've got Tourette Syndrome when I sew). It was all material that my mom bought to sew stuff for my sister's daughter. I brought all of her sewing stuff home with me when we were there last.

It was a combination of Disney, Sesame Street, Raggedy Ann & Andy, various prints, and even a Spider-Man. I texted my sister and asked her about either curtains or pillowcases. She thought pillowcases would be a good idea.

I started out with the idea that I'd make all the pillowcases just for Eden. However, there was SO MUCH fabric, it would have been too much. So I made just about all the fabric into pillowcases and started sorting them. Most of them are going to Eden. A few of them are going to another niece, three nephews and Nicole the Knitter's god daughter.

I did have some material left over that I could have pieced together into a couple more pillowcases, but I was ready to hurl if I had to look at Elmo for much freaking longer. I bagged up all the leftover pieces, and even included my own leftover fabric (some stuff from a couple of Craftster swaps and the Jedi costume), posted it on Craigslist, and got rid of it tonight. It was a crafting purge and it felt good.

I needed to do SOMETHING with Mom's fabric. Leaving it to sit in a box in my crafting room wasn't going to accomplish anything. I think my mom would have approved. I mean, I don't like to save things for a special occasion...what the hell kind of special occasion was going to come up where I'd need several yards of various Sesame Street fabric? Eden, and the rest of the kids, are going to grow up and eventually not care about that kind of stuff anymore, so now was the time to get it done. Besides, I like the idea that every kid in our family, and some friends' families, get handmade things from me. It just seems like a nice idea that someone thought enough about someone else to make something for them. I don't make entire gifts, but I do use my (limited) crafting and crochet skills to supplement store bought gifts.