Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finally Got My Hearing Back

We went to go see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue last night, and I finally have my hearing back as of this morning.

My husband decided, bout a week ago, that he needed to give me  crash course in Alice Cooper. I think he wanted to make sure I didn't go all, "WTF???" when we got to see him. But like with Motley Crue, whatever I'd heard on the radio of their music, I liked, I just didn't know much about him/them.

I got tickets to this show mostly for my husband. He's a Crue fan and had seen them twice already, about 25 years ago (shit, that makes us sound old!). But he'd never had the chance to see Alice, so when I told him about this concert, he actually got a little excited.

Can I just say...this You Tube uploader, Dennis Justus, uploaded all of Alice's show from last night. He probably should have actually watched it and really enjoyed it.

I have to admit, as someone whose never seen Alice Cooper, this was a really good show! I'd probably go see him again. His set list can be found here.

Alice opened up for Motley Crue, and that was pretty good too. About halfway through their set, Tommy Lee did a long drum solo, set to a hip hop-type background, where he was harnessed into his set set and platform, and he went airborne, drumming while he was upside and spinning as he went up, up, up. I had already known he did things like that in the past, but didn't know he was still doing it. I was pretty impressed, because the rotations didn't seem to phase him any. He drummed away, beating the shit out of his instruments like it was nothing. He may have been having more fun than the other guys he was up there with.

Both parts of the night had a good amount of pyro, and Motley Crue ended their show with confetti (which I snagged some), and an encore on a smaller stage out in the seats. Their set list can be found here.

We knew when they were coming back out. We were seated in the last row of section 103. While we waited for that encore, we realized security had the section behind us closed off, and even the walkway behind us was closed off. There was security all over the place. And all of a sudden, in the dark, coming up to that smaller stage, was more security, leading the guys out there. Unfortunately, we realized later on that my husband's phone decided to delete the pictures and videos he'd taken that night, so we didn't get to keep the video of this. But there they were, and as they came past us (Tommy Lee first, then Vince Neil, Mick Mars and then Nikki Sixx), I stood up (I was already turned around anyway), and started yelling to Tommy as he came by first. He highfived me and my husband each, and the security guard actually looked surprised. I don't know why, because everyone else in our row did the same thing, and Tommy highfived us all. None of the other guys even looked at any of the audience. They just walked on.

So, they go to that smaller stage, sing "Home Sweet Home," the show ends, and they leave the same way they came out. And it was the same deal again...I stood up (I was already turned around anyway), and started yelling to Tommy as he came by first. He highfived me again, and just about everyone else in our row again. My husband didn't try it that time, as he was trying to get Mick to highfive him, but none of the other guys even looked at any of the audience. They just walked on.Tommy looked like he was having a good time and seemed like the friendliest one of the bunch. I had yelled to Vince, but he didn't look around as he walked past.

Yeah, at the end of the night, the last concert they'll ever perform in Virginia Beach, during their "All Bad Things Must End" tour, since they've been performing since 1981...I think I became a Tommy Lee fan.