Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gene Simmons Garden Gnome

And finished as of tonight...the Gene Simmons/The Demon garden gnome!

This guy was actually bought on my birthday this year, with money from my father, from an antiques store in Virginia Beach. He's actually a larger version of a gnome I repainted earlier this year. He's just shy of 16" tall, and was a little sunbaked when I found him,

This gnome actually gave me the biggest fits, when it came to getting the paint to dry, because he's made out of some kind of vinyl. Note to self: never use enamel Testor's paint ever again!

For him, I used the Super Sculpey to smooth out where his vest and shirt ended, because he was going to have a pretty significant belt. All of this made him very front heavy. I wanted to use the tool handle he still had in his hand to make him a bass guitar to hold, but because of his front weight, he would have just tipped over with a bass attached to his little gnome body.

Without the spikes or sequins yet. 
Have you ever seen a garden gnome's codpiece before? :)

The little spikes are flat topped beads from Michael's that I Super Glued on the costume.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Peter Criss Garden Gnome

After months of painting and getting pissed off, my Peter Criss/The Cat KISS garden gnome is finally finished!!!

I was on Craftster one evening, earlier this year, and I had posted the leprechaun gnome I had repainted, in honor of my mom. Redforkhippie gave me an idea, based on some gnomes she had painted: KISS army gnomes! The creative wheels were set in motion.

I went yardsaling with a friend and her aunt shortly after that. I wasn't able to find any gnomes to buy, but her aunt, Lorna, gave me a gnome she had and no longer wanted. This is actually the second gnome I got for this project, but he was finished first. He is 16" tall.

Lorna had tried repainting him herself but she wasn't happy with the outcome. This little guy was originally a $19.99 gnome from K-Mart, The label was still on the turtle's underside.

I originally wanted mustache-free gnomes, but this guy just begged to be painted as Peter Criss as the Catman.

I used some Super Sculpey to smooth out some areas of his blousey sleeves, and then more to build up his boot tops, gauntlets and the front of his little shirt. After that, I primed him very thoroughly.

My husband didn't seem to understand why I was building up different parts of his clothes. I tried explaining to him the gnomes were not going to be perfect KISS lookalikes,but rather gnomes that wanted to look like KISS, so they were keeping their own little gnome styles but were influenced by KISS.

He didn't really get it until I was finished painting them, which actually really surprised me, because he's a really creative guy. But he was really impressed with the new look to this gnome.

In September, I posted about the problems I was having with getting the silver enamel Testor's paint to cure. That's what was taking so damn long here. I'm not sure if I even got the enamel to dry, but what I think really happened was the three coats of clear spray paint dried here over the tacky, uncured enamel paint.

Most of his "silver studs" are actually beads of paint. There are some sequins that I Super Glued on as well. I didn't want to have a gnome that looked perfect. He needed to look a little "handmade," if that makes sense.

I decided, for fun's sake, to paint around the turtle's eyes as well, so he matches his rider, at least to a degree.