Saturday, January 10, 2015

Call Me Simpson...Marge Simpson

I swear, my brain isn't baking in my head from a bronchitis-induced fever. I'm not overly medicated. I chose to do this.

I have temporarily dyed the front part of my hair blue (my bangs and sides). I would have done it purple, but I couldn't find purple dye. I actually decided to do this about two weeks ago, as a part of my bucket list, but really, let's be honest..."Have blue hair" on a bucket list is so dorky and immature for a 40 year old woman so it wasn't ever listed on my list but it was there mentally.

I used Garnier Color Styler in Blue Burst. This is a temporary color and I've decided to do it over a weekend. Amazingly enough, my work place doesn't list unnatural hair colors as not being allowed in the employee handbook, but I'm still hoping this color is gone by Monday morning. That would be a weird conversation on Monday morning if I have to explain that I dyed my hair blue for no reason. :)

I'm not sure where this desire comes from, other than I wanted to do something different and out of character for myself, so I actually went ahead and did it. I figure life can be too short to not have some fun. So, I'm going to get dressed up warm and head out in public like this (my mom would be embarrassed and a little mortified by this, hee hee hee). But in a way, she and a friend of mine are kind of the conduit for my plugging away on my bucket list anyway. I'm smiling as I write this, but I think she would scream at me if I could tell her she inspired me to work on completing that list. Because what's the point of staying home and not showing off this lovely blue glory? 

I do need to get some more distilled water for my humidifier, and it does seem to be helping me. Although, I'd like to have a voice again. This being sick shit is getting really old!


  1. I thought it was a fun color but about 75% of the color washed out with the first washing. It goes in really thin and inky, but it stiffens the hell out of your hair. It reminded me of spray in color that you can buy at Halloween.