Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finished My Spider-Man Hat

The pins are from where I'm just about done sewing on the right eye.

Doesn't every adult Spider-Man fan need her own bug-eyed beanie? Especially when it's about 10 degrees outside?

I've always waned to see Spidey with big curved lenses, as opposed to the more angular ones he normally has. I'd have to say my lenses/eyes here were inspired by  Erik Larsen's work as an artist as Spidey's artist, post-Todd McFarlane. And I always did like that little "pinch" of black in the inner corners of the lenses.

With the construction of this hat, I've decided for the next one I make for myself, I need to make it a little smaller for around my head, but make the pieces longer so the brim in a little thinner.

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