Thursday, March 3, 2016

One More List To Get Out of My Head

Alright, so other than updating previous posts, this should be the last list to get out of my head: stand up comics I've seen. It's kind of a chronological list, just like the concerts list,but there are comics that I don't remember when we saw them.

I'm doing the same thing with the movies list: names in bold were really good, crossed out ones weren't so funny.
  • Paula Poundstone—University of Northern Iowa--1995
  • Mitch Hedberg—The Late Show with David Letterman (live taping)--May 4, 2000
  • Gabriel Iglesias —Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2005
  • Jeff Dunham—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—August 2007
  • Adam Ferrara—Virginia Beach Funny Bone (I think he had just broken up with a girlfriend or something, because he just came across as REALLY angry that night, and usually on TV, I find him terribly funny.)
  • Tracey Morgan—Virginia Beach Funny Bone
  • Aries Spears—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—2006 or 2007
  • Steve Byrne—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—April 2008
  • Godfrey—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—October 2008
  • Jon Reep—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2008
  • Felipe Esparza—Virginia Beach Funny Bone—October 2010 (We waited around after the show to meet Felipe and actually got a picture with him.)
  • Reno Collier with Larry the Cable Guy—Newport News Ferguson Center—Sept. 2011
  • Josh Blue—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2011
  • Pablo Francisco—Virginia Beach Funny Bone
  • Ralphie May—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2012
  • Dustin Diamond—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--2013
  • Gabriel Iglesias —Norfolk Chrysler Hall--2014
  • Cory Marshall with Rod Man—Virginia Beach Funny Bone--June 27, 2015 (We waited around after the show to meet Rod Man but he didn't come out. I heard someone say he might actually be really shy.)
  • The Tenderloins from True TV's "Impractical Jokers" at Chrysler Hall--Nov. 23, 3015
I swear, I'm not going to make any more lists. I actually thought, for about five seconds, about making a book list, but I've read far too many books over the years (especially as a kid) to ever get a list like that right. Do you remember those reading "Olympics" we used to do, where you'd keep track of all the books you read and you'd get some cheap-o little medal to wear? I used to ROCK those things!

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