Monday, March 16, 2015

Update On The Titans Blanket

This is a queen sized bed.

It's been awhile since the last Titans blanket update, but I've finally got one. I decided to go ahead and start trimming off the stray ends earlier on it, rather than later.

I'm up into the emblem on the helmet (I really like the light blue and red flames up there) but I decided to work on the edging a little bit, because I've been drawing a blank on how I was going to do it. I saw a picture online of what the Titans' players uniform pants supposedly look like, with stripes down their legs. I'm basing the edging on that design.

I think Orion ran off with the crochet hook I've been using, so I had to dig out another one!

And I'm obviously still around. We were busy with a trade show at work but that's over so I'm back in the digital world again. While I was away, I did get to meet Paul James, "the Gardener Guy," and Taniya Nayak from HGTV. They're both nice people.

And I also got the chance to email Chip Wade, from "Ellen's Design Challenge." I took advantage of having his email address (for work purposes) and asked him about the furniture that was made for "Ellen's Design Challenge." I wanted to know what happened to it, since the show ended and the competition was over. Chip said it was on display at the Reef in Los Angeles, which was good because it's not locked up somewhere, forgotten and dusty in a warehouse somewhere.