Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Entry Off the Bucket List

As of tonight, I have completed another item on my bucket list: writing a complete script of a shark attack movie and sending it over to The Asylum. Amazingly enough, I actually have a small feeling that if the right person there looked at the pitch I sent them, they'd want to see more and maybe actually option it.

I've emailed and Tweeted people there at The Asylum, people who seem like they'd be people who make things happen, based on their job titles. I could be wrong. Who knows? But at least I've done it.

"Sharkosaurus Rex:" a pod of Great White extra large shark hybrids have come up from the Puerto Rico trench to feed off the Virginia Beach coast, terrorizing beachgoers at the local oceanfront. Working together, a San Diego oceanographer and a Virginia Beach marine biologist join forces with the US Navy to put a stop to the pod's killing spree, finding out along the way of what they are really up against: an ancient pod of Great White/T-Rex hybrids.

If I were casting it for The Asylum to film it for airing on Syfy, this is how I'd see the main cast members:

· Dr. Stephen Grant: he's former Navy turned Oceanographer, driven by his work since the recent death of his family in a drunk driving accident (Dean Cain)

· Dr. Amanda Smith: a hippy/Marine Biologist in her late 50s/early 60s (Arlene Sorkin)

· Mildred Hawkins: a senior aged woman on vacation with her family who captures the first known photos of the hybrids, seems sweet but a little on the sarcastic side (Cloris Leachman or Betty White)

· Commander of the USS Stout, Kelly: a hard nosed, by the book kind of leader (John Schneider)

· ETC McClure: helps Dr. Grant kill the hybrids as they attack the USS Stout (Wil Wheaton)

· Vanilla Ice and his DJ, Dirty Chopstix, as well as Virginia Beach personalities as themselves.

The caliber of the actors I've listed above are true actors, some of which have been in other shark movies The Asylum has produced. Plus, in watching as many of The Asylum films as I have (and trying to decipher any "formulas" that might exist for the films' storylines), I've realized there are lots of opportunities for cameos for other celebrities, and "Sharkosaurus Rex" would be no different.

There could be the opportunity to shoot a good portion of it here in Virginia Beach. It would lend authenticity to the film by having our oceanfront and our part of the US Navy's Atlantic Fleet featured so prominently. If a sharknado can destroy the Santa Monica Pier or batter the Empire State Building, my Sharkosaurus Rex pod can easily be made to destroy our fishing pier and attach an Arleigh Burke class of destroyer on the Atlantic Ocean.

Like the cut classics The Asylum has already created, I think "Sharkosaurus Rex" is a cross between the "Sharknado" films, as well as "2 Headed Shark Attack" (the size of the beasts), "Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies (mixing real people into unbelievable horrors) and "Mega Shark vs Mechashark" (throwing a bit of technology into the mix). I'd even go so far as to also compare it to aspects of "Super Shark" (giant primordial sharks) and "Jaws" (just for the gore factor).

Wish me luck, everyone. :)

  • I'd like to take a tour of a Navy sub, but my husband and I don't know anyone that works on board a sub.
  • I'd like to take a tour of a Navy ship that most people will never get to go on. I got to go walk around under a ship while it was in dry dock, and then I walked up the scaffolding around the mast, almost to the very top!
  • I'd love to go for a ride in a fighter jet of some kind.
  • I want to go jet skiing in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • I want to go scuba diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean.
  • I want to go to the top of the Washington Monument. 
  • I want to go to NYC, and see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers, and go to a show of some sort. We went there in 2000 and saw The Late Show with David Letterman.
  • I want to go to the Saint Louis Arch. We did this in 1999.
  • I want to go to Niagara Falls. We did this in 2000.
  • I want to go to Universal Studios Florida. We did this in 2001 and I'd love to do it again!
  • I want to go to the Poconos and stay in one of their themed suites. We did this in 2006 and stayed at Caesar's in the champagne glass suite.
  • I want to stay in a themed suit at the HoJo in Florence, KY.
  • I want to visit Santa Claus, IN, "American's Christmas Hometown."
  • I want to go to Metropolis, IL.
  • I want to get a memorial tattoo in honor of my mom and my mother-in-law.
  • I want to take a road trip up to DC to see the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum and go to Horace and Dickie's Seafood Restaurant/
  • I want to write a bad sci-fi horror script and present it to The Asylum to see if they'd be willing to make it into an actual movie for the SyFy Channel. I finished this on April 12, 2015.
  • I want to finally order the "Hell's Admin Assistant" patch for my motorcycle jacket that I've been thinking about for years.--I figure it's a funny alternative to a Hell's Angel patch, which I'm clearly not a member of Hell's Angels. I ordered one from Star City Stitchery
  • I'd like to cuddle a baby gorilla. I really don't know where this one comes from, but aren't baby gorillas the cutest babies EVER??!
  • I want to take a painting class, a la Bob Ross. I did this in a restaurant in Virginia Beach with a bunch of motorcycle riders from an American Legion post, in 2014.
  • I want to go hang gliding in Kill Devil Hills, NC. I did this over Memorial Day weekend with my husband.
  • I want to see the archaeological dig at the Jamestown Settlement.
  • I want to go charter boat fishing in the Atlantic Ocean: I tried doing this in 2012, but the water was really rough that day. I didn't catch anything but I sure made a lot of chum!
  • I want to go to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • I want to see KISS in concert, in the make-up. 
  • I will get a job at some kind of animal shelter, and I'm going to be damn good at whatever I end up doing there. 
  • I will get at least one old, beat up piece of wood furniture, save it from going to the landfill, and refinish it. I've actually done two pieces now.
  • I'd like to go on an LCAC ride with my husband before he transfers to his new command.I had to cross this one off finally, because Shane left this command already. This bummed me out. I never got a ride on an LCAC out on the bay. Some of his family members did, and even though I offered to take any number of half days off from work, I never got to ride. 
  • I will go to see the Booth Trail in 2013. 
  • I will go to Natural Bridge, VA (We did this in 2013) and the Shenandoah Valley and stay in a cabin in the woods.  We did this for the end of the year in 2014.
  • I will go to Hiddenite Gems, an emerald mine open to the public, in NC. 
  • I will go to the Richmond Zoo and the Virginia Zoo (they have done a lot of remodeling and I haven't been there for a several years). 
  • I can't drive a clutch and have no desire to learn, but I'd like to go for a ride in a 1957 Chevy BelAire and a mid-80's Lamborghini Countach.
  • I'd like to sit in any of the Batmobiles, ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters, KITT from Knight Rider, and the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • I will go to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. 
  • I want to go to Rhode Island, Boston and Seattle, just for the sake of going.
  • I want to go to Tokyo some day.--I've been to Hanoi and Hue, Vietnam, but it wasn't close enough.
  • I want to see the pyramids and sphinx in Egypt. 
  • I'd love to see the Mona Lisa (she's in the Louvre in Paris) and The Scream (there are a couple, two of them are in Munich). 
  • I want to go to London, and maybe look for the TARDIS and the Doctor. 
  • I want to go to San Diego to see my best friend, go to Comic Con, wear a costume, take lots of photos, find an awesome looking Spider-Man so I can give him a hug for just being Spidey, and then walk a beach on the Pacific Ocean, looking for shells. 
  • I'd like to go to a taping of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" if we ever go to California.  I had to cross this one off: On April 28, 2014, Ferguson announced that he will leave the show on December 19, 2014.
  • I want to have at least one great, wildly creative crochet pattern published in a real book somewhere. 
  • I'd like to have our yard be featured for our Halloween decorations with a local tv station, so people might understand you don't have to spend big bucks on decorations and still put together a great display (I say this because we don't go as crazy for Christmas decorations). 
  • I'd like to win a challenge on Craftster. 
  • I'd like to compete on Craft Wars on TLC. I had to cross this one off too, because I'm pretty sure it's no longer on the air. I can't find any updated information on it. 
  • I will finish the Jedi costume finally and I will join the Rebel Legion I was accepted in December 2014!
  • I will finish the doll house I started several years ago. 
  • I want to go to Ohio and see Ralphie Harper's house from The Christmas Story. 
  • I want to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert, and maybe even the Bangles if I ever get to California. 
  • I want to see the Barenaked Ladies again, the next time they come to Hampton Roads.
  • I want to take my friends to the Virginia Safari drive through park in Stanton, VA. Did this in July 2014.

    1. Thanks! It's such a cornball long shot, but I figure...what the hell. :) Paul Bales, the co-producer of the Sharknado movies and COO of The Asylum read my email this morning (I had a read receipt on it).