Monday, April 27, 2015

Craft My Fandom Swap on Craftster

I decided to take a little break from the crocheting to participate in the "Craft My Fandom" swap on Craftster.

"Do you have a fandom you love that may not get as much attention as it should? Do you love a major fandom and want to show your love to the world? Do you want to swap with other crafters who are also superfans? Then this is the swap for you!"

I was paired up with RovingAnarchist in Ontario. Her package to me arrived today! I think I have been stalked electronically, and I love it!

"Hi Amy! Merry 'Craft My Fandom!!' I hope everything is all in one piece, and not melted. If your ever in the mood to get strange looks, go to a beauty supply store for a Styrofoam head and when they ask if you're a student, tell 'em you're building a zombie. In April. Some folks have no imagination. Cheers, Milo" Here we have a knitted TARDIS washcloth and a chocolate Dalek, which I will exterminate tomorrow!

Holy shit, I tried making one of these myself about four years ago and it didn't turn out! I was trying to bleach the Vulcan hand gesture onto a black hoodie and the fabric wasn't taking the bleach. Obviously, RovingAnarchist is smarter than me, because she used fabric paint!

Holy crap...I was thinking about doing a zombie head like this for Halloween this year! I even had a site bookmarked on my computer with directions on how to get it zombified just right. She beat me to it! :)
My package to RovingAnarchist is either still in, or just left, Chicago.

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