Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Part of the Fandom Swap

So here are the goodies I sent to RovingAnarchist. I got an email from USPS today telling me the package was in Canada, in customs.

Roving, if you're looking at this...SPOILERS!!!!! Look away!!!! Be gone! :)

Okay (looking around), I think it's safe!

"The Dukes of Hazzard" was one of Roving's fandoms. This is a 6" hoop of the General Lee's numbers, made out of felt applique.
Another hoop: a 9" hoop of an embroidered Bo and Daisy Duke on their CB radios: Shepherd, this is Lost Sheep, come on Shepherd. You got your ears on? Did you know there are actually images on Yahoo from DOH coloring books? That's where these came from.

From "Grimm" and "Sons of Anarchy": an Altoids tin done up to be the trailer from "Grimm" (here's the inside) and an SOA dogtag. I put the dogtag inside the trailer, along with a (non-pictured) bottle cap charm I made of a little bird that looks like something Sailor Jerry would have designed.

Outside of the tin (the back of the tin does show the other side of that trailer) and the other side of the SOA dogtag. Lots of Mod Podge was used on these two little projects!

Roving said she would really like a "Roadkill" t-shirt. "Roadkill," from what I can tell, is a program on the Motor Trend Channel and the episodes are also on You Tube.

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