Sunday, June 7, 2015

Billy Joel Came Back to Virginia Beach!

I am still riding the aural high/eargasm that was Billy Joel. He came back to Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach last night and I didn't know we were going. :) My husband came home from work on Saturday morning and left the tickets sitting on my computer for me to find. (We even had better seats this time than we did the first time, and according to my husband, that was just happy luck,)

I can't say enough good things about Billy Joel and the shows he puts on. I absolutely adore his music. I can't remember a time when I didn't have his music in my life, and he hasn't had anything new on the charts for about, oh, 20-25 years. Hell, in all honesty, I think Billy Joel is the ONE celebrity that I admire that I couldn't intelligently speak with. I think I'd be a blithering idiot. I really believe I'd dissolve into a mess of tears, just because of how much his music means to me.

I took a good number of pictures. Unfortunately, I was using Shane's camera last night so it's unfamiliar and I don't think I got any videos to turn out. :( But click through these to see them bigger.

Gavin DeGraw was the surprise opening act. He was really good. He only played 4-5 songs (40 minutes worth) but for the mid-way point, he took the mic, left the stage and wandered around in the audience while singing.

Billy Joel had eight local sailors up on stage with him to sing along with the chorus of "Goodnight, Saigon," because the concert date was June 6--D Day. I liked this and I obviously know about the Naval presence here in Hampton Roads, but the song is about young Marines that met at Parris Island. I would have had Marines up on that stage, if it had been me.
Chain Saw was back again this year and performed AC DC's "Highway To Hell." It was AMAZING!
During Chain Saw's cover of that "sacred song," Billy played guitar for him.
"We Didn't Start the Fire"--Hearing this live again and singing along with it was almost orgasmic. ROCK AND ROLL AND COLA WARS I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!
"It's Still Rock and Roll To Me"--While Billy was singing this, the video to it was being shown on the split screen above and behind him. He was still dancing the same way as he did when he recorded the video.

  • "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)"--"They sent a carrier up from Norfolk..." This line was SCREAMED by the audience. It gave me CHILLS! I've loved the kind of dark, depressing imagery of this song, even before I knew what and where Norfolk was. (It always reminded me of the Batman series where the bridges into Gotham City were blown up and the city was isolated ("No Man's Land" in the late 90's). Think "I Am Legend."
  • "Pressure"--If you are a runner with an MP3 player, get this on your playlist!
  • "The Entertainer"
  • "Vienna"
  • "Zanzibar"--This is about a young man with a jazz guitar and borrows his father's car to go to a bar called Zanzibar. The themes of "Zanzibar" include love of sports, love of alcohol and the singer's attempt to pick up a waitress. I always figured it was supposed to be more about the guitarist playing there, but the real subject of the song, in my mind, is the jazz trumpet breaks, played originally by Freddie Hubbard. Those breaks are the true subject. Forget the jazz guitarist! He's supposed to be a jazz trumpeter!
  • "Allentown"--This always resonated with me because of the lay offs of the meat packing and tractor plants back home when I was a kid.
  • "An Innocent Man" --This was truly amazing to hear this song live. His "An Innocent Man" album from 1983 is the first record I'd even stolen (from my father) and framed for my crafting room. I played this record over and over and over again, so many times. Billy is 66 years old now and over the last few years (even though he sounds like he takes care of his voice), he wasn't able to continue hitting those high notes in "An Innocent Man," so he was having a female back up singer sing those lines. But not this night! He announced to the audience that he'd be singing that himself, although not as high as it used to be. It sounded WONDERFUL!
  • "The Downeaster 'Alexa'"--He mentioned the fishermen of the Chesapeake Bay
  • "My Life"--Rodney Dangerfield was actually the friend that closed the shop and bought a ticket to the west coast, but (aside from being the theme to "Bosom Buddies" back in the day), I felt like the chorus spoke to me in my college days. "I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright. I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home. I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life. Go ahead with your own life, and leave me alone"
  • "Goodnight Saigon"
  • "New York State of Mind"
  • "Anthony's Song (Movin' Out)"
  • "She's Always a Woman"
  • "Don't Ask Me Why"
  • "Highway to Hell" (sung by guitar roadie, "Chain Saw")--I am pretty sure that this is the song that caused me to NOT have a voice when I woke up this morning. Screaming "HIGHWAY TO HELLLLLLLLLL" will do that to you. :)
  • "We Didn't Start the Fire"--I can't say enough about this song. I just can't. I used to feel like I missed out on so many of the important events through out history, just because of when I was born, but I've realized over time, that no, I haven't missed out. There's new things happening every day. It's like a good reminder song to me.
  • "The River of Dreams"
  • "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"
  • "Piano Man"--"He's talking to Davy, whose still in the Navy, and probably will be for life!" My husband laughs at me for grabbing him and swaying along, singing this line.
  • "Uptown Girl"--Another amazing surprise to hear from "An Innocent Man." This is back from Billy's Christie Brinkley days (as was "She's Always a Woman") and I was under the impression he doesn't really do these songs anymore. 
  • "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me"--Another favorite of mine. I can't help but move to this song, no matter where I hear it. 
  • "You May be Right"--Shane's favorite, because of, "I even rode my motorcycle in the rain. You asked me not to drive, but I made it home alive, and you said that only proves that I'm insane." It always worries me whenever he's on his bike out in the rain and he always plays it off like it's nothing when he gets back. 
  • "Only the Good Die Young"--This has always reminded me of my grandma: she was named Virginia and she was Catholic.
There's only one song that I almost need to hear someday..."I Go To Extremes,"  from the 1989 release, "Storm Front." I don't know why, but this song actually moves me to tears but in a good way, and in a stronger way than "We Didn't Start the Fire." Those two songs just speak to me.

Because I am a pessimist, I was surprised to see that the Daily Press and the Virginian-Pilot both had good reviews of his show. 

And if Billy comes back to Virginia Beach in another seven years, I'll be there again, dancing and singing my brains out, probably close to joyful tears again, willingly spending a buttload of money on souvenirs, just because I love Billy Joel.

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