Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I need to bitch for a second, and that's pretty much the point of this entry.

Since OCTOBER, Nicole the Knitter and I have been talking about crocheted animal scoodies for her friends. She wanted me to make them some, probably 6 of them total, plus the extra one I already made for her goddaughter.

Remember that month...OCTOBER.

What month is it now? ALMOST JULY.

Her "friends" haven't had the @#$%&? time to answer her questions: what animal would you like and what color would you like. Simple @#$%&? questions. The goddaughter doesn't know about her cowl, so she's fine.

So because these stupid twats are too busy to answer those questions, Nicole the Knitter asked me if I could make a red fox cowl with the yarn I had, for one person in particular, because she likes that animal. I said sure, and pumped this out in just a few days, even managing to frog half of it because I wasn't quite feeling it as it was. You can click on them to make them bigger.

It's based on Niftynnifer's pattern for a cowl hood. (Since this is worsted weight yarn, I had to increase the size of the hood, since Niftynnifer originally used a chunky yarn.) I think this is freaking adorable. I might make one for myself. My plan has always been to make all the hoods from different patterns. Nicole took it over to the intended person today.

She doesn't like the color. She hates orange. Check out the colors of red foxes. I'll wait here for you.

So is it just me, or are they orange? Sure, I added the strip of tan towards the top and the black fun fur around the ears, but the bottoms are white and cream to represent the fox's tummy.

How about you just say THANK YOU, or better yet, ANSWER the @#$%&? questions when you're asked...LAST YEAR? And better yet, I could have gone through life without knowing she hated the color.

However, the intended's mom was there and she apparently fell in love with it, so it's going home with her.

But now, Nicole the Knitter has to go shopping for new yarn (because I'm not being nice and supplying any more, thanks to Tammy and her surplus yarn, BTW). I'm not going to be busting out another hood for her anytime too soon.

This is for the same chick who has been telling me for A YEAR that she wants me to crochet her a hooded cape, like the one I did for Nicole the Knitter, but doesn't have the time to go yarn shopping. But she still wants it. And still wants it. And yeah, still wants it but can't even come through with money and a color for me, and I'd go get the yarn myself (which is no big deal)...JUST COME THROUGH WITH SOMETHING!!!!

Thanks for reading. I got this off my chest now.


  1. Some people are so ungrateful!!!

  2. It was just killing me yesterday. Well, more time to work on a project for moi then. :)