Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Inspiration of the Day

I saw this article on the Huffington Post this morning. I thought it was kind of timely, because just a few days ago, I started to take my destiny into my own hands again, and it has nothing to do with my bucket list.

I reached out to a new local pet publication to inquire about freelance writing. I got a response back, inviting me to submit some ideas for articles for them, and to let me know she sometimes needs someone to go cover events in person.


I emailed her this morning with 4-5 different article ideas I had. I'm just waiting to hear back from her to see what she thinks of them.

The last time I was feeling this inspired was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in college. A local reporter that I was a fan of, had come to speak at one of my journalism classes. Yeah, I was a journalism fangirl for northeast Iowa. Can I get a what-what? Anyway, I reached out to a local agency on aging, started writing for their monthly newsletter, and rolled that into an internship.

Today, I'm convinced more than ever that whatever your destiny is, there's a way out there to help you take baby steps. I've already decided I'm going to reach out to more local publications about freelancing for them and seeing where that takes me. I know it won't replace my full-time job but who knows where it could lead. Plus, if even one of them takes me up on my offer/request, then it's  way to help me stay current on my skills and relevance as a writer.

I need something more than just online with Geek Crafts or this. And I have to wait until at least September to find out my status in the Virginia Film Commission's annual contest, so if this works, I can build my status as a real writer.

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