Friday, July 24, 2015

An Adventure With Jake the Dog and a New Pattern

My time with Jake the Dog was short lived. I'd like to think he's off on an adventure of his own, making his way back to the Land of Ooo, to find Finn and the treehouse.

What really happened is that the little shit fell off my backpack this morning, somewhere on my way to work. Oh well, I've got more yellow yarn (Thanks, Tammy!), so I'll make myself a new Jake. A bigger Jake. A Jake that I won't hang on my backpack.

Until then, I've got my girl, Cake the Cat, here to keep me company. I finished writing this pattern tonight, and she was inspired by Mia Handcrafter's original pattern for Jake. If you make it, let me know what you think. I have to say already, just from looking at her, I should have made her arms and legs a little shorter.

Every aspect of Cake was a stashbuster for me. Good Lord, I realized I'm a fairly serious packrat when then it comes to artsy fartsy supplies!

·         E sized crochet hook
·         Stitch marker
·         White yarn, medium weight
·         Dark tan yarn, medium weight
·         Felt and matching thread: white, black, pink, and dark tan
·         Straight sewing needle
·         Curved sewing needle
·         Tapestry needle
·         Straight pins
·         Scissors
·         Ruler
·         Ink pen
·         Fiber Fill

Finished size: 9" tall

NOTE: Remember to leave long lengths of yarn at the end of your pieces. You can use them to attach the pieces to the body. Don’t cut any lengths until you’re finished. You can weave those ends into the piece for extra security.

Ears: Make two ears with tan yarn.
Row 1: ch 6
Rows 2-3: Turn, and starting in second chain from hook, work 1 sc in each stitch across. For row 3, chain 1 when turning.
Row 4: Turn, chain 1,  work first 2 sc tog, last 2 sc tog, and 1 sc in the stitches between.
Row 5: Turn, chain 1,  work first 2 sc tog ,1 sc in the middle stitch and the last 2 sc tog.
Row 6: Turn, chain 1,  work first and then the last 2 sc tog.
Row 7: Turn, chain 1, work first 2 sc tog and 1 sc in remaining stitch. Finish off and leave a long tail for sewing.  
Sew a smaller triangle of pink felt to the inside of each ear with whip stitches (start by putting your straight needle through the felt first, and then stitch around the triangle, coming up through the yarn from behind and down through the front of the felt, working with small (tiny) evenly spaced stitches). Directions can also be found here.

Body: white yarn
Round 1: 7 sc in magic ring--If you don't know how to do the magic ring, it's super easy and you can find directions for it here.
Round 2: Work the remaining body in rounds from here on out. 2 sc in each stitch
Round 3: sc, inc (repeat)
Round 4: sc, sc, inc (repeat)
Round 5-21: sc in each sc (repeat)

Midway through Cake’s body, sew on the spot underneath where her right ear will go (see below). Then, attach the left ear  with the extra yarn and the tapestry needle, so they are standing up. Look at the picture of Cake on this pattern and the hole from your starting magic ring to help with the placement. (Note: you may notice the ears on my Cake are different. I thought she had one white ear and one tan ear. This was wrong.)

For Cake’s right ear, because of the spot underneath it, you might have to use needle and thread to attach it, instead of yarn. Or, you can put the right ear first for placement with the extra yarn, and then cut a slight edge out of the spot to place it around her ear.

Round 22: sc,  sc, dec (repeat) --Start stuffing the body. After the body is stuffed and stitched shut, you can always give her a little squeeze or two to readjust her shape and the filling density.
Round 23: sc, dec (repeat)--Finish stuffing to your liking  (I like firmly packed toys)
Round 24: dec (repeat until bottom of body is closed. If you run out of enough room for your hook, work a slip stitch and fasten off the yarn Thread the tapestry needle with the tail and weave it through the last row and pull tight like a drawstring.) Once completed, fasten off yarn.

Tan Spots:
This is where you need the 360 degree picture of Cake (in this pattern). Her spots are going to be cut out of the tan felt and then whip stitched on to Cake’s body with the curved needle and matching thread. You might want to trace out the pieces first with a pen on the felt and then cut them out instead of free handing them. You might want to pin these to Cake’s body as you work on them. I was able to hold the felt in place with my left hand, and sew them on with my right hand, without needing pins.
·         2” circle to go over the right side of Cake’s face
·         1 ½” x ½” kidney bean shape to go on the middle of Cake’s back
·         2 ½” x 1 ½” oval to go on Cake’s belly and wrap slight under the bottom rows of her body (but not up onto her back)

Cut two ¾” circles out of white felt

Cut two thin ovals (1/2” tall x ¼” or narrower wide) out of black felt. Sew the pupils to the center of the white felt  first (do a couple of stitches straight down the center of the black, instead of trying to whip stitch the edges), and then sew the completed eye (with vertical pupils) to Cake’s face. On the right hand side of her face, the eye should overlap the tan spot some. The whites should not touch each other in the center of her face (keep about ½” apart). The outside edges of the whites should be outside the edges of tan spot on her chest.

Cut one 7/8" x 1/2" oval out of the tan felt.

Using the black thread, embroider on a small black oval nose in the center of the oval. (I actually made another mistake on my Cake and gave her a triangle nose.) Underneath, embroider on a small kitty smile.

Whip stitch the tan piece to Cake's face with the matching thread. It should overlap both of her eyes, and her nose should line up with the bottom of the whites of her eyes, but not touch the spot on her tummy.

Left Arm:
Round 1: Starting with the white yarn, leave a long length of yarn and chain 9. Switch to tan yarn and chain 5 and turn.
Round 2: Working in the second chain from the hook, work 4 sc along the tan section. Switch back to white sc’s to match the first row. Ch 1 and turn.
Round 3: Work 1 sc in each stitch along the white section. Switch back to tan sc’s to match Cake’s paw. Ch 1 and turn.
Round 4: Repeat round 2
Round 5: Repeat round 3. At this point, it may start to look like an unwrapped cigarette paper.
Round 6: Repeat round 2.
Round 7: Repeat round 3. Secure yarn with a slip stitch.
Roll the yarn into a tube and whip stitch the length of tube closed with matching yarn. The tan section is Cake's left paw.

Right Arm:
Round 1: Starting with the white yarn, leave a long length of yarn and chain 5. Switch to tan yarn and chain 5. Switch to the white yarn again and chain 4 and turn.
Rounds 2-7: Match up the color of the stitches in each row. When completed, roll the yarn closed like you did with Cake's left arm. The smaller white section is Cake's right paw.

(Note: if you have a hard time getting the color changes done correctly for Cake's arms and legs, you can crochet them compeltely in white, and then sew on felt spots.)

When sewing Cake's arms on, line them up with the top of the oval spot on her tummy and the outside edge of her ears.

Cut out two pieces from the white felt, with three bushy areas, like shown in the picture. The entire length should be about 3 1/2" long. (Think foxy and bushy.)

Cut two pieces from the tan felt, to cover the ends of the bushy areas, like shown in the picture.

Sew the tan pieces to the white pieces, but only whip stitch on the inside edges of the tan. Because there are two sides to Cake's tail, you will need to sew them on opposite sides of the white felt.

Once you have the tan edges sewn to the white, lay the tail pieces together, insides together, with just a bit of Fiber Fill in between. Whip stitch the tan parts together first, and then stitch the white parts. Leave the narrowest end of the white felt open and unstitched.

Sew on Cake's tail on the center of her rump, low on her body, with the white thread.

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