Monday, July 13, 2015

Striped Hooded Cowl Pattern

At the end of June, I had an entry where I was bitching about some of Nicole the Knitter's friends.

Nicole knew not to ask me about using any of my stash for a second animal hood for one of her friends (the one who likes red foxes but cried about not liking the orange of the first hood), The friend in question had a bad day, where her mother totaled her car on the interstate. That being said, it doesn't excuse eight months of not answering two simple questions for a hood you claim you wanted. I'm tied of people not taking responsibility for themselves.

Anyway, I'm getting off on a tangent here, Nicole went yarn shopping and picked up two skeins of Lion Brand Heartland yarn in Yosemite (#135). This is a medium weight yarn. It was almost enough for this hood (each skein is 251 yards). She didn't pick up any edging or ear colors, so I had to use some of my stash for that.

The hood also had to be close to this pattern here. Finally, we're getting somewhere now. But, with all the patterns on the internet, I don't buy patterns and usually, neither does Nicole.

Instead, I found this pattern and liked it quite a bit. Because I was going for an over-sized hood, I increased the pattern size, and let me tell you, it was wildly easy to do! This is an extremely versatile pattern and easy to re-adjust for children or adults. In fact, since I've got another one to make, I plan on using this pattern again, but in different colors and with different shaped ears.

One change I did make was to overlap the cowl and actually sew the front closed. After putting in a couple of stitches, I secured it again with two wooden buttons from my mom's stash. It doesn't take away from it being a hood with a cowl at all, and I think it gives it just a bit of a neater/cleaner appearance, rather than me making button holes for it. I figure when made of yarn, those holes will just stretch out anyway, if this hood actually gets worn.

The ears are each two triangles. the back of the ear is the Yosemite yarn. The front of the ear is a little smaller triangle of stash yarn. I lined them up on the bottom edge and used the Yosemite to whip stitch them together. Then I attached them to the top of the hood (again, with a tiny, understated widow's peak) and actually made sure to sew them on twice. It sounds a little crazy but this is how I attach ears to hats: lay the ear down on the hat where you want it, face up.  Whip stitch them along the bottom edge on the front. Then flip the ear forward so the back of the ear is facing up, Then you whip stitch them along the bottom edge on the back. This gives the ear a more secure attachment to the hat. Once the ears were on (at a slight angle), I went back and added the black tufty fur yarn along the edges.

If this hood doesn't work for her, then she's not getting a third.

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  1. Looks great! You really should think of that Etsy shop!