Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sometimes, the Simplest Crafts Are the Most Appreciated

Our cat, Orion, still has all of her claws and really loves her scratching post. She's had the same once since the day we brought her home, a little over a year ago. It's a simple one, just rough rope wound around a square post, with a dangly mouse and bell on the top. My husband bought it for her at PetsMart.
This is what it looks like after abut 14 months of daily use. Orion was a little concerned about what I was doing with her scratching post in the kitchen. There was much close watching and a little crying. This is an important part of her little life! :)
Since I am trying to not contribute anything too sizable to the landfills, instead of replacing it, I wanted to fix it up for her. And because I'm a little weird like that. :)

I was ordering some stuff from Amazon the other day and decided to get Wellington Manila Rope, 1/4" X 50' for just $7.39. I knew I wouldn't need the full 50 feet so this will be enough for a couple repairs.

I unwound the really loose rope and cut off some of the more frayed sections. Originally, the rope was glued and on throughout its lengths but stapled on at the ends. That's a little dumb. But with just a couple staples from the staple gun... viola! The new rope is about the same size as the original.

Cat tested.
Cat approved.

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