Monday, August 3, 2015

Working On Achieving Another Goal

I came across this quote, supposedly from Dwayne Johnson, about the same time I came across a great quote by Mindy Kaling. They've both been my mantra lately.

The freelance writing I'm trying to do isn't really taking off. I can't get a straight answer from either of the magazines as to what's going on with the articles I've sent them, so I'm holding off on writing anything more for either of them until the new issues come out. Hell, I'd write for free, if I could just get published somewhere.

But for the last several weeks, I've been working on a special writing episode of "Star Trek Continues."

STAR TREK CONTINUES is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning, fan-produced webseries… the brainchild of long-time Star Trek: The Original Seriesfan — and producer, director, actor, voice-actor, musician — Vic Mignogna. 
STAR TREK CONTINUES is proud to be part of Trek history, aimed at completing the final two years of the original five-year mission.

I know it was unsolicited, but I am damn proud of the episode I wrote. After much tweaking and tightening up, I emailed if off today, to Trek Continues and to whoever runs Vic Mignogna's website. Hopefully, the partial script I sent is enough to pique their interest. What I really hoped for was to appeal to Vic's geek nature..."As a young boy, Vic fell in love with Star Trek and is realizing his boyhood dream to play the role of Captain Kirk." So today, he gets to be Captain Kirk, while also serving as the Executive Producer and lead writer.

Fingers crossed here. What they are doing is so incredible, that I can only hope to be a part of it. I never had the chance to see new episodes of "Star Trek TOS." I have only seen it in syndication.

But now, I'm seeing new episodes of it as it appears online and I'm blown away. I want to be someone to take Kirk and Spock, and the Enterprise herself, on an adventure. I want to hear and see the words that I've written come out of their mouths. I want to be a part of that five year mission.

Live long and prosper, as my late adopted Twitter grandfather, Leonard Nimoy, used to say,

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