Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Ghostbusters Costume

Back in September, I posted about the problems I was having with the proton pack I was building for Halloween. Despite not coming up with a bumper for the pack, I'm pretty happy with the finished product. I even wore it to work on Saturday and had a few pictures taken with a kid there.

Sorry for the potato, but I didn't have anyone to take my picture when I got home from work that night. The flight suit and belt belonged to my husband, the elbow pads are actually knee pads from Harbor Freight, and the patches came from a seller on Etsy. And even though you don't see them, the boots are a women's leather boots that are combat-style that I've had for about 17 years, and I wore them with Ghostbusters socks I got from Spirit Halloween.



Completed proton pack

Proton Pack

o   thin wooden board--already had

o   piece of scrap pine wood--already had

o   Sharpie marker--already had

o   pencil--already had

o   backpack--$4.00 (Goodwill)

o   package of washers--$2 (Home Depot)

o   plastic tortilla bowl or microwave cover--$1.00 (Dollar Tree)

o   primer--$1.00 (Home Depot)

o   black spray paint--$1.00 (Home Depot)

o   vacuum hoses

o   colored plastic folder--$1.00 (Dollar Tree)

o   Liquid Nails--$4.00 x 3 (Home Depot) and $3.49x2 at OV Hardware

o   assorted cords--took from stereo amp

o   black electric tape--$.50 (Dollar Tree)

o   empty cardboard tube from foil--already had

o   empty plastic fruit tray container--already had

o   empty Glaceau Smart Water bottle--33.8 oz.

o   extra monitor cord--$2.25 (Goodwill)

o   stereo amplifier--free on Craigslist

o   power drill--already had

o   jigsaw--already had

o   hot glue gun and glue sticks--already had

o   Small ball of foil (optional)--already had

o   clay--already had

o   washing machine hose--$12 (Lowes)

o   clear spray paint--already had
For the Cyclotron:

On the inside of the tortilla bowl, mark with a Sharpie where with the circles will be drilled. Drill them out on the inside of the bowl as well. When you drill them out, depending on the surface you're working on, you may need to use a piece of scrap wood underneath for surface protection. If you do this, you can use that scrap piece of wood later on for the top part of the proton pack spacer.

I didn't think the tortilla bowl by itself was quite large enough, so I set it on top of the plastic dome lid of a fruit tray from the grocery store, to make it appear larger. This is where I realized I needed to build the entire pack up to make it look deeper.

Get a small wooden disk or round plastic container (something with a flat base because a label will go on there later), and use the Liquid Nails to attach it to the Cyclotron, towards the bottom (at about 5 o'clock). This is going to be the N filter. I used a small peanut butter to-go cup for this.

On the Cyclotron, once it's painted, attach the washers over the outside of the holes. Use electrical tape to attach a piece of red plastic folder to the inside of the tortilla bowl.

For the Proton Pack Spacer:

Get your tortilla bowl out. Your scrap wood should be wider than the bowl. Lay the wood down so the nicer side is facing up. Lay the bowl on top of it, more so the wood is on the upper right quadrant of the bowl. Using your Sharpie, trace the outer edge of the bowl on the bottom part of the wood. You need to match the curve of the bowl for this to fit right later on.

Cut this out with a jigsaw.

On the top, I had a small plastic container that came from a salad at Wawa. It fit perfectly at the top curve. It was a flimsy, I wadded up a small ball of foil and tucked it inside before attaching it. I needed to make it a little stronger because I will put a detail piece on top of it after it's painted. The container had a little lip on it, and I used Liquid Nails to attach it to the spacer.

The crank generator was another plastic container from something else I bought at Wawa (fruit and crackers?). It was a two section container.

On the middle of the spacer, once it's painted, attach the small fan I took out of the stereo amp.  

For the backing board:

Get out the larger piece of thin wood, and set it on a flat surface with a corner pointed towards you. Lay the fruit tray lid (the "synchronus generator") and wood spacer (base for the clippard) on it towards the bottom. Trace around them with a pencil, so if you screw up the placement, you can erase the lines.

Lay the crank generator piece above the spacer and trace around that.

Lay the Smart Water bottle down on the left side, with the open end pointing down (it will be the booster). Lay the foil tube down next to the bottle, on the left side (it will be the ion arm). The ion arm needs to be a little higher than the bottle. Trace around them.

Cut off the back (including the straps) of an old backpack. Toss the front and sides. 

Gunbox and Wand

o   washing machine hose--$12 at Home Depot
o   primer
o   black spray paint
o   on/off flip switches from the amp
o   black electric tape--$.50 (Dollar Tree)
o   toilet valve--$3.25 (brand new at Goodwill)
o   Extra PVC pipe--$2.25 (Lowe's)
o   couple assorted PVC pieces from Home Depot

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