Monday, January 12, 2015

Wish I Knew What Artist Painted These

I saw these three paintings in one of the houses that was at Homearama this last year, and I've had the pictures on my phone ever since last fall.

I wish I could read the signature on the canvases, so I could try to look her up. I think it says Sharon something or other. The large painting was about $300. I would imagine the smaller ones were about $150.

They match nothing in my house, but I absolutely love them.

Designed Another Room

There's a room design challenge going on in Virginia Beach and I'm not eligible to enter it. But that's not enough to keep me from at least putting a room together.

The theme of the challenge is design a 10'x14' room of your choice with an 80's theme, all with furnishings from Value City Furniture, for no more than $3,000. The paint selection is from PPG Paints. I'm calling my family room, "Miami Vice."

My total for the furnishings is $2,288.92. I'd probably add a mirror that matches the tables and some other incidentals: pink candles, knick-knacks, some light blue and teal throw pillows, and photos in some light aqua frames. I'd probably also add some color to the Franklin table lamp shades by adding a bit of thin pink ribbon to the tops and bottoms of the shades, held in place with a little glue.

I'd have one wall be white and the others would be the third shade of blue on the bottom row above. I'd do any interior doors in the darkest shade of blue shown, and the trim in the room would be the lightest blue shown. I'd hang the white canvas print on one of the blue walls, and I'd use the ottoman as additional seating, up against one of the walls, below the print. The tallest table shown would be used as a console table behind the sofa.  The square table would sit next to the chair, and the lowest table would be in the center of the room, as a coffee-type table.

The images here on my white board are a little more pixelated than usual, but that's because I did this one in PowerPoint instead of my usual Photoshop. Got to remember to stick to Photoshop next time. It looks better.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blast From the Past

I was doing some electronic cleaning this afternoon on my computer when I came across this: my old Photoshop gallery on Superhero Universe.

After I got laid off in spring 2009, I started a job in the fall that absolutely sucked. There wasn't enough work to do and I even had two supervisors. You would have thought there would have been more than enough work for me, but there wasn't. One of the scant bonuses about that job was that I had Photoshop on my computer there, and I used it to fill my time there.

I look back on them now and realize, some of them weren't half bad. :)