Thursday, January 29, 2015

Redid an 80's Lamp

I just finished up a lamp I got from Nicole the Knitter. It was actually a trade we made at the end of a yard sale we had in October: one of these lamps from her for a floor/gaming rocker from me, because neither one of them sold.

When Nicole moved into the house she now lives in, it was because the previous owner had passed away in his home after a long illness. His family removed most of his belongings and they said she could do whatever she wanted with the rest. It was some late 70's/80's knick knacks, some coffee cups and some furniture. She had two of these lamps, still with the original large papery shades.

You know the kind of shade, the kind that's a straight canister shape and taller than the lamp itself. While the lampshade at the left isn't the one that came with this lamp, it's pretty close.

(With Orion being such a spaz in the house, I figured I better get a back-up lamp, because she already knocked over one lamp here and partially broke it.)

Before: it still had an original price tag on it that read $99.99 from Montgomery Ward.

The brass was very tarnished.

There are 3-4 coats of a textured spray paint that I got from my favorite store (A.C. Moore) that was on clearance,

I had to take the harp off for the new lampshade.

I also used some of the leftover Behr paint from my sewing machine cabinet, and picked up a new lampshade from Target. You almost can't see the lavender, but there's a touch of it on top as well as on the bottom. I wanted to keep this project as low cost as possible, so I checked the furniture section of Craigslist but I couldn't find any lampshades for sale there that would have worked.
I actually figured that Nicole might want me to do this to her remaining lamp, but she said she doesn't like the lamp no matter what is done to it. It's actually a very sturdy, nice lamp, despite still having that oversized, curvy 80's decor body. But then again, I am a child of the 80's so I guess that's why this appeals to me. :)