Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eyebrow Gate: Day 2

I filled in leftie this morning before leaving for work, and I swear to God, I felt like I had Bert's eyebrows from Sesame Street! I don't know how anyone didn't think to say anything to me today. :)

Note to self: tomorrow, only use eye shadow. Don't use the eyeliner pencil too.

I also managed to get two more hats done tonight. I made another Rafael hat for myself and a Spider-Man hat for Eden. While working on the TMNT hat tonight, I realized something else. That pattern is very forgiving when it comes to sewing straight lines.

For example: say you're not the world's greatest sewing (I'm raising my hand here), and you don't get the earflap piece sewn to the beanie part completely straight. If your sew line is a little wonky, it's alright because you're going to put that mask on straight and it will actually straddle both the entire earflap piece and the beanie part at the same time. It's going to hide your wonky lines.

Obligatory dork shot with me and my own TMNT hat.

The Spider-Man hat is just a variation of the TMNT hat. It obviously doesn't have a mask piece, but the eye pieces are sewn on separately. I purposely went with a more stylized/curvy shape to the eyes here. It just felt like the right thing to do, because it's a little girl that's wearing this hat. If I had been making this for a nephew, I think I would have gone more with a Todd McFarlane shaped eye.

Yes, this is the kind of shit I think about...the shape of Spider-Man's lenses. :) Welcome to my head.

I first sewed the white "lens" to the black felt with my machine, and then I did a series of tiny black hand stitches around the outside of the black to sew it to the red.

For this hat, there's no hiding a wonky sew line if you get it crooked.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Oh God, It's Been a Monday For Sure!

So it's kind of felt like a Monday for the ages. Come gather around, all you little geeks and nerds, and listen to how Amy Lynn is a giant dork.

I was so close to being ready for work today, but I decided real quick like, I was going to touch up the ole'eyebrows and then leave. The tweezers wasn't quite cutting it for me, so I grabbed this little personal battery operated groomer thingy I've had for a while. It does a really good job on the underside of my eyebrows, so I touched up one brow and switched over to the other.

This is where things get dorky. My right eyebrow needed a touch up underneath. My left eyebrow needed a touch up just above. So I ran the groomer over the top of my eyebrow, like ABOVE my brow and I got a little heavy handed.

I notched off the center of my left eyebrow!

I stood there in front of the mirror for a second, with my mouth hanging open. And then I started laughing like a loon. I just couldn't help myself.

So I had to get my eye shadow and an eyeliner pencil out and fill in my left eyebrow. I wasn't going to go to work looking like a rapper from the early 90's.

But just fixing my left eyebrow wasn't enough, because now my eyebrows weren't the same color, even though leftie was filled in. So I shaded in both brows, and they are darker than usual, but no one at work seemed to notice. However, I do have to admit, the slightly darker brows did seem to brighten my eyes and make me look just a tiny bit younger.

So yeah, thanks to Physicians' Formula eyeliner and the Color Workshop eye shadows I have, I will have two complete eyebrows until leftie grows back in.

Then, I had the chance to sew one hat for my sister's daughter. I will be sending a late package to her for Valentine's Day. I found a pattern link on Geek Crafts that lead to this over on Instructables. I've made her a Rafael hat, with the red mask. I've decided to make one for myself too, and it will be slightly larger. I did cheat slightly and I used felt instead of polar fleece I had an awesome gift card to AC Moore and they sell large folded, thick pieces of felt. It sewed very nicely and it wasn't like the thinner, individually sold felt pieces meant for lesser crafting.

I did find a few things about this pattern I will do differently for an adult sized hat:
  • Make the mask longer and thinner.
  • Sew the eyes onto the mask before sewing the mask onto the hat.
  • Make the ear flap ties longer.
The directions on the page are easy enough, but it took me a little longer than it should have, because I kept going back to re-read the directions, and I still managed to make a few (fixable) mistakes. And it's easy enough to adapt. I'm also going to make us matching Spider-Man hats as well.