Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Curtain for the Crafting Room

For Christmas, Shane got me a gift card to A.C. Moore with a crazy amount on it. I had a good time spending it, let me tell you! :)

I found out that A.C. Moore is now selling large pieces of upholstery-type fabric, like 2-3 yards of it at a time. It all looks like they came right off the end of a bolt. It was nice stuff and I decided to pick up a piece for something later. I got a plaid-kind of print.

That later finally came, and I made a new curtain for my crafting room. It's a very simple valance, very similar in design to the one I had up there before. But I decided it was long past due to replace the little curtain rod that had always been up there: white metal with 90 degree turns on both ends. You know the kind...the cheap shit ones.

This sucker was so old that it didn't hang straight on the brackets anymore because the tabs on them were crooked. I replaced the whole thing with a white metal rod with finals on the ends that almost match the drawer pulls on my sewing machine cabinet.

But I couldn't stop there! At some point, I bought a doorway framing kit at Home Depot, yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago, to trim out the window in the attic (it has an AC unit in it) because it didn't have any trim on it and it was raw edge paneling around it. For some ungodly reason, I stained that sucker YELLOW! YELLOW PINE (or oak, I don't know what it is)...what the hell was I thinking???

Actually, I know what I was thinking at the time...I'm sure that yellow stain was something from Home Depot's "Oops" second in the paint department, and since I'd never tackled a project like that before, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it in case I screwed it up.

So I dug out some of the stain I used for my bench and stained the trim again, right over the yellow. I did try wiping it off, but that just made the wood look dirty. I went back and actually put two coats of stain on it, paint-style, and let it dry. Once that was good and dry, I put one coat of poly on it, left over from the sewing machine cabinet. I wanted there to be some gloss on that wood, compared to the wood paneling around it.

The pre-stained trim took the new, darker stain pretty well. And here's the new curtain I made. It's a small room, so it's hard to get a lot of stuff into one picture in it, so I decided to go for just a simpler picture. You can see my Peter Mayhew autograph here, and yes, the window sash is burgundy. I got bored one night, shortly after we moved in here and decided to use craft paint to paint that part of the window burgundy. I don't really know why, but what the hell....I also put poly over that section of the window as well.