Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tried Bacon Cinnamon Rolls For Breakfast This Morning

Sometimes, you've got to make a recipe twice to know whether or not it's going to work out, much like the baked cabbage from yesterday. The bacon cinnamon rolls were no exception.

This was another Imgur find. It was also a huge disappointment, even after attempting it two times.

In both cases, I couldn't unroll the rolls. When I opened the cans, they had a swirled appearance to them, but the damn things wouldn't unroll!

Not to admit defeat so easily, I tore three of them apart, messily, and stuck some bacon in there and tried to re-roll them. Once they baked, they were sticking together in their new rolls, but in baking them according to the directions on the package, it left the bacon under-cooked.

Make this recipe as a non-keeper for me but at least I gave it a whirl.

Butter Baked Cabbage Slabs

I'm not a vegetarian but I can get down with the veg. Just recently, I stumbled across this vegetarian recipe from Karen Nichols' blog, in Michigan: Butter Baked and Broiled Cabbage Slabs.

Oh dear God, taste so good, make you wanna slap yo'mama! Here is Karen's recipe (who is, of course, a vegetarian) with some changes from moi.
  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  • Your cabbage: I cut mine into 1/2 inch slabs. I like my cabbage "al dente"..not slimy and flaccid. (giggle)
  • Prepare your cookie sheet by brushing it with some olive oil. give it a good coat. (I forgot the olive oil last night and went straight for the butter.)
  • Now. lay down your cabbage slabs and just smear the heck out of them with REAL, salted BUTTER. OH yeah, baby....I said it. BUTTER. It's good for you. Get that butter all over the place. Grind some sea salt and some fresh peppercorns on top of that. OH MY GOSH. (I sprinkled on some powdered garlic.)
  • NOW we COOK! 
  • Put. It. In. The. Oven. Now set your timer for 20 minutes, but check at about 15 minutes. When the bottoms are becoming brown and the cabbage is turning translucent, flip 'em...let them bake for 15 more minutes. (I did mine for only 15 minutes on each side.)
  • Now turn your oven to broil and give them a nice brown. The tops will caramelize with the butter and THAT'S what we're looking for. My oven took about 7 minutes, yours might take more or less time, so keep your eye on it. (I tried making this once before but my oven has such a ferocious broiler in it, that even on low, my cabbage slabs turned into black charcoal briquette-things. I just didn't broil them when I tried it this second time and they turned out pretty dreamy.)
  • You're almost done. You can eat this as is and its delicious. If you're a carnivore, add some bacon bits. I love to serve mine with some good marinara, and a sprinkling of parmesan....whatever you decide, I promise, that caramelized cabbage, butter and salt and pepper is absolutely to die for.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Inspiration of the Day

I saw this article on the Huffington Post this morning. I thought it was kind of timely, because just a few days ago, I started to take my destiny into my own hands again, and it has nothing to do with my bucket list.

I reached out to a new local pet publication to inquire about freelance writing. I got a response back, inviting me to submit some ideas for articles for them, and to let me know she sometimes needs someone to go cover events in person.


I emailed her this morning with 4-5 different article ideas I had. I'm just waiting to hear back from her to see what she thinks of them.

The last time I was feeling this inspired was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in college. A local reporter that I was a fan of, had come to speak at one of my journalism classes. Yeah, I was a journalism fangirl for northeast Iowa. Can I get a what-what? Anyway, I reached out to a local agency on aging, started writing for their monthly newsletter, and rolled that into an internship.

Today, I'm convinced more than ever that whatever your destiny is, there's a way out there to help you take baby steps. I've already decided I'm going to reach out to more local publications about freelancing for them and seeing where that takes me. I know it won't replace my full-time job but who knows where it could lead. Plus, if even one of them takes me up on my offer/request, then it's  way to help me stay current on my skills and relevance as a writer.

I need something more than just online with Geek Crafts or this. And I have to wait until at least September to find out my status in the Virginia Film Commission's annual contest, so if this works, I can build my status as a real writer.

Idea For a Cosplay I Want To Do

So I was sitting at work, minding my own business, reading a post on Geeks Are Sexy about the Phoenix Comicon, when I saw this picture: just a male Harley and a female Joker. 

And for some reason, it spawned an idea in my head that I find myself wanting to make: a female Joker Sith Lord. (I may have finally outgeeked myself here.) I started putting the costume together in list form, and this is what I came up with. I started looking for any possible Sith Joker images too, and found this one and this one. Ultimately though, I was inspired by this image.

·         Green wig
·         Wig cap (gotta cover up my own hair so it stays under the wig)
·         White face
o   White powder
·         Red smile
o   Smeary red lipstick
·         Black eyes
o   Smear grey or black eye shadow around eyes
·         Long eyelashes
·         Red light saber
·         Purple robe
o   Have to make this
o   Eggplant purple duck fabric
·         Orange undershirt
·         Orange dickey
o   Have to make this
·        Purple pinstripe pants
o   Have to make this
·         Matching purple pinstripe tunic
o   Longer than normal
·         Lavender tabbards
o   Have to make this
o   Longer than normal in the front
o   Leather on front
·         Black leather boots with white spats
·         Black belt
·         Black pouches
·         White opera gloves
·         Short black leather gloves (worn over the white gloves)
·        Press on fingernails (affixed to the white gloves)
      Lily tucked into the wig

o   AC Moore or Michael’s