Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nightmare Before Christmas Necklace

The Halloween gods and goddesses have smiled upon me (but maybe not on my bank account)! A Spirit Halloween store has opened up down the road from me. I even started following them on Twitter...they're posting coupons there!!!

So as I was strolling around in there on Sunday, I saw a Nightmare Before Christmas necklace, in with the Jack and Sally costumes. I think it was going for $7.99.

I thought abut buying it, but I just didn't like the collar. I don't know, it just felt...understated? It didn't feel like Jack to me.

Don't judge me...Nightmare Before Christmas remains my favorite Christmas movie, and I love it for Halloween decorating too.

The more I thought about it that night, the more I thought there has to be a better version online. I couldn't find one like this but I found a lot without the collar and just the bow tie bat. And then inspiration struck me...I could just make my own!

Duh! This is how some of my projects start out: I want...and then I can't find exactly what I want so I decide to make my own.

I had everything I needed to get started, except for large enough jump rings, which I picked up today on my lunch break from Michael's.

I rolled out some Super Sculpty to about 1/4" thick and cut out the shape of the bow tie. I poked two holes in the top (I wish now I had gone a little further apart with the holes). I sculpted a very simple bat head and did the ears as separate pieces. I smoothed the head and ears together into one piece on the back. I actually used the end of a small nail to trace out the shape of the eyes, gave the ears a little bend forward, and then baked everything.

Once the clay was baked (275 degrees for 10-15 minutes, whatever was on the Sculpty label), I started painting it. I put on 2 coats of regular craft paint for the black, 2 coats of regular craft paint in white for the eyes, white fabric paint in a squeeze tube for the pinstriping, and a little bit of glow in the dark white fabric squeeze paint over the eyes and along some of the pinstriping. Once the painting was done, I used some on the front of the bowtie to affix the bat head.

The pendant is 7" x 3" and is actually quite lightweight. I can't wait to wear it!

And just to add to my love of NBC, I'd like to show off these two. They each came from Walgreens. I bought Jack about three years ago, and over the weekend, I just found Sally! (I also bought the correlating statues from Walgreens too...I might have a Halloween problem).

But here's the thing...you know how I can't leave well enough alone when it comes to decorations, right? I finally decided I needed to do some "work" on Jack.

Earlier this evening, I opened up a seam on his front and one on his rump and actually started stuffing him. Originally, Jack's legs and torso were unstuffed and floppy. I always kind of hated that. And when I saw that Sally had stuffed legs, I realized Jack needed them too.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Crafting My Halloween Costume

Right now, I'm having a crafting conundrum here...from earlier posts, you may have realized I'm trying to make a Ghostbusters costume and proton pack for Halloween.

Basically, I'm starting to get pissed off. I had to take a break from the proton pack because I'm having a hell of a time attaching the hose to the pack.

This is what I started with: I got a non-working stereo amp from someone on Craigslist so I could open it up and see what kind of interesting things could be inside for the proton pack.

I bought this backpack at Goodwill and had some wood leftover from the insert area of the bench I refinished. I cut the front and sides off the backpack so I can attach the wood to it later on. I wanted a larger, stiffer pack (that's what she said).
A beginning assortment of recyclables for the proton pack. I'm only going for Halloween costume quality here. Not even cosplay quality. A high quality epoxy is your friend here.
Primed and spay painted, and starting to put the electrical do-dads on.
The start of the gunwand. I found a brand new toilet valve (still in the package) also at Goodwill. I'm taking the most creative liberty with this part here.
The Cyclotron, formerly a tortilla bowl, some washers and a piece of red plastic folder.

So my main problem right now is how to get the hose from the gunwand to stay in the hole I've already drilled into the the Cyclotron. I've used hot glue and epoxy, thought I had it in there, and the damn thing just slipped right out! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make another trip to Home Depot to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that might help me out.