Thursday, October 22, 2015

This Year's New Halloween Decoration

I have been wanting the life-size animated Freddy Krueger from Gemmy, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it. I already have the animated Jason Voorhees, and only because I scored him on the cheap from K-Mart a handful of years back because he was a display.

I wanted a Robert Englund Freddy, and this one from Gemmy was Jackie Earle Haley from the 2010 reboot. There's nothing wrong with Jackie's version, but he wasn't the Freddy I grew up watching and loving. Robert gave his version (the original) a great amount of snark and sarcasm that really kind of made Freddy lovable to a demented degree. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a life-size version of Robert's Freddy.

So, what does a crafty geek do when she wants something she can't find to buy? She makes it!

This lovely Justin Bieber hair looking mannequin came from eBay. The hair is actually a wig, and it didn't stay. I tossed that ugly ass thing in the garbage right after I took this picture.

Putting him together was just like playing with giant Ken doll. In fact, his name really was Ken!

He stands 6' tall. He has a small pole inserted into the back of his right calf to keep him upright and he stands on a small glass platform.

I went to the local Spirit Halloween store and picked up the mask, hat and glove. The sweater with tears and exposed burned skin came from Amazon. Amazingly enough, Spirit Halloween didn't have this sweater. I wrapped a little bit of electrical tape around his right shoulder to help keep that right arm up. The mannequin was designed to have his left arm hanging down and his right arm barely bent.

The pants and shoes came from the local thrift store. His unseen belt is actually a length of 550 cord because he's so slender, the pants would drop right off him!

The wounds in the sweater were so bright and raw looking, and the wounds on the mask weren't. I went over them with a red Sharpie marker, some red craft paint, and a back Sharpie to make the mask match the chest a little more.

But the pants and shoes weren't quite enough, as is. In fact, the navy blue work pants I bought were almost too good looking for Freddy!

Once I got home with them, I set up a clothes drying rack in my driveway. I threw the pants on it, front side up, and starting staining them. I sprayed them with some aerosol polyurethane, black spray paint, red spray paint, and even a little green spray paint (down around the hems). The polyurethane really didn't do much to visibly stain the pants because of how dark the pants are, but the black spray paint aged them pretty well.

I did hit the back of the pants a little bit too. When the pants were dry, I took a box cutter and slashed and nicked them up a little bit.

I also hit the front tops of the black shoes with some red and green spray paint. They're men's black leather shoes and they were in decent enough shape for my favorite serial killer.

Because Freddy's right hand has all of the fingers together, instead of spread apart, it made putting the glove on a little difficult. I drilled three holes between his fingers. I was able to get his thumb into the glove, and then I threaded the inside of some 550 cord into those holes. I wrapped the threads around the outside of the glove fingers and then tied them on that way.

Freddy will be standing up by my front door for Halloween night, paired with a strobe light and a "scary" flickering attic bulb, also from Spirit Halloween. I'm going to scatter some leaves around the base to help disguise it a little bit.

While my Freddy doesn't move or make noise, but I think he's going to be so awesome. The really nice things about this mannequin are that his eyes really pop inside the mask, and he's got some nice articulation so I think he's going to look pretty damn good. When everything's said and done, I figure I spent about $200 to make him, spread out over 3 paychecks. The animated Gemmy version runs $500-$1,000 online.

He's also going to be easy to store upstairs in my attic once Halloween is over. I can pop him off the platform and then take his upper body off.

In fact, because of how Freddy turned out, I'm going to order another male mannequin after Christmas to remake my Michael Meyers, and a female one to make a Bride of Frankenstein.