Monday, November 9, 2015

This is Not My Pattern

So, just to get this taken care of right off the bat...this is not my pattern. I was told about this pattern by Nicole the Knitter. She wanted a couple of these towels made and offered to buy me the pattern but she was looking at losing her job due to a company sale. I told her to keep her money (all $2.99 of it) and I set out to figure out this pattern.

Here is my towel, laid out on the recliner, instead of hanging on the stove.
Normally, I wouldn't share someone else's pattern that I reverse engineered, because that does just seem shitty. However, in this case, I did work on this one quite a bit, so I'm throwing decency to the wind.

Crocheted Dalek Hanging Kitchen Towel

You need 1 large button, a yarn needle and two colors of yarn. I used regular old Red Heart acrylic yarns in white and pink. I used a G sized hook. The finished size is about 13 3/4" at the bottom and 15" tall, but not including the tab for hanging. The original pattern makes a towel that is 11" x 18".

This particular version is worked from the bottom up.

Crochet Stitches Used:
  • Ch = Chain
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • sl st = Slip Stitch
  • dec/2 hdc tog = 2 previous stitches worked together in current row
Row 1: With your main color (in this case, the white), chain 51 and turn.

Row 2: In the second chain from the hook, work 1 HDC in each chain across.
Rows 3 & 4: Turn and change to your accent color (in this case, the pink), chain 2 and work 1 HDC in each stitch across.

Rows 5-6: At the end of row 4, turn and change back to the main color and chain 2 and work 1 HDC in each stitch across.
Row 7: Turn and chain 2, work 4 HDC's (1 HDC in as many stitches) and add in the accent color. With the accent color, work a 6-cluster bobble stitch. Repeat this pattern (4 white HDC's and 1 pink bobble) across the width of the towel, ending with the pink. Secure the pink at the end of the row. There will be six rows of bobbles once the towel is done.
Rows 8-10: Repeat row 5.
Row 11: Repeat row 7 (you'll know you've got the right side of the towel facing you if you have all the bobble fronts on the same side of the towel).
Rows 12-14: Repeat row 5.
Row 15: Repeat row 7.
Rows 16-18: Repeat row 5.
Row 19: Repeat row 7.
Rows 20-22: Repeat row 5.
Row 23: Repeat row 7.
Rows 24-26: Repeat row 5.
Row 27: Repeat row 7.
Rows 28-30: Repeat row 5.
Row 31: Turn and change to your accent color, chain 2, and work the first two  and the last two stitches together (2 HDC tog), and work 1 HDC in each stitch in between. This decreases the row by two stitches.
Rows 32-33: Turn and change to your main color, chain 2, and repeat row 31.
Row 34: Repeat row 31.
Rows 35-36: Turn and change to your main color, chain 2, and repeat row 31.
Row 37: Repeat row 31.
Rows 38-40: Turn and change to your main color, chain 2, and repeat row 31.
Row 41: To make the hanging tab: Work 8-10 slip stitches across (your choice on how wide you want the tab to be), chain 2, and work 8-10 HDC across. You'll want to make sure you leave 8-10 empty stitches on the other side of the tab.
Rows 42-50: Turn and chain 2, and work as many HDC across as you did to begin the tab.
Row 51: Turn and chain 2. Work 3 HDC, chain 4 and skip 4 HDC, then finish off the row with 3 more HDC. That open space is your button hole.
Row 52: Repeat row 42.
Rows 53-54: Repeat rows 31. At the end of row 54, secure the yarn with a slip stitch and trim off the loose ends.

On the front of the towel at the bottom of the tab, sew the button on. Then hang the towel on your stove or refrigerator, giving it two little vertical folds to make it hang more narrowly than it really appears.