Monday, February 8, 2016

A New Scarf

I was recently at my favorite haunt, A.C. Moore, when I spotted a yarn I had to try: Stitch Studio by Nicole (Chateau) in Garden's Path. It's an A.C. Moore brand of yarn: chunky chenille, 258 yards. I thought it would work for the crochet hook I made in December.

I'm not gonna lie...the packaging around the skein is what drew me in. It was covered in hounds' tooth! 

I was good. I only bought that one skein. But as it turns out, it wasn't thick enough yarn to do anything with my homemade hook, so I broke out the N sized hook and turned it into a scarf for myself.

Don't let the washed out photo here fool you. My camera's flash came on when I took this photo, and my phone's charging right now, so you're going to have to deal with this photo. I'm just too damn lazy to get the phone and take another photo.

This yarn is really nice: dark khaki, charcoal, fuchsia and lime green. Since the weather is turning cold and rainy and possibly snowy again here, I've got a kick ass new scarf for work tomorrow! And in a few minutes, I'm going to run upstairs and finish the knit cap I've been trying to finish.  

I say knit, but only because this is my second attempt at repurposing a thrifted knit sweater into a hat for myself. Lesson learned: you can take all the measurements of your own head that you want, but if you buy a sweater from a thrift store, it will most likely be stretched out, so your measurements won't mean dick. :) But at $3.99 per sweater to try that project out, I can't complain!

Other things being worked on here: tomorrow I'll be buying some more supplies and really cracking down on making my Gonk droid. I want to have him ready at the end of the month to take with me to the Ring of Fire con. I'm hoping the weather is decent this year for it. Last year, the local R2-D2 builder couldn't get R2 out of the house because of all the snow. I'm hoping that R2 will make an appearance this year so I can see him, get a photo with him, and have Gonk's picture taken with him as well.

Plus, several members of the Rebel Legion Freedom Base (Virginia and West Virginia) are just getting started on a group costume build, and that includes me. about 12 of us are going to work on X-Wing pilot costumes at the same time. I just sent in my own payment for the helmet and chest box kits!

And it looks like we may be buying ourselves a camper! We're going to go out of town this weekend for a few hours and go look at them again. I've started making a list of things to keep in it, so other than clothes and groceries, we'll be ready to hit the road at a moment's notice! It makes me wonder if I could get my husband to go on the con circuit with me. He wouldn't have to actually attend...he could just drive me and we wouldn't have to worry about booked hotels! :)

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