Thursday, February 25, 2016

Got a Sam the Cooking Guy Two-fer You Tonight/8 Recipes Down

Today was a two Sam recipe day, and because I'm trying harder to keep some of his staples on hand here, it happened quite naturally!

But so far, I am left with one small conundrum...I don't drink and there are a few drink recipes. I might have 1-2 drinks per year, and I don't want to skip any recipes in the books. I guess I'll figure that out as I get a little further into this project.

For lunch today, I made the Tomato and Potato Chip Sandwich, from Just a Bunch of Recipes.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I should have gone with thinner tomato slices. I got a Roma tomato and it was good, but also...February is not the time for the best tomatoes.

It was an okay sandwich, but a little on the messy side. 

For supper tonight, again, without really trying, I made the Fish (Stick) Taco from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts. My husband didn't want to try this one. While he is a fan of Mexican food (he told me once he thinks he may have been Mexican in a previous life), he thinks a fish taco is not a "real taco." Real tacos have ground beef or steak in them, with lettuce and cheese. Maybe a little hot sauce. That's it. Nothin' else.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I liked the cabbage in it, and the hot sauce I used came from Lucky's Cafe in Cleveland. It's a very nice hot sauce, quite mild actually, and it has a good hot sauce smell to it. If you get the chance to go there, I recommend both the cafe and picking up a bottle of the sauce on your way out.

However, I realized after the fact that I forgot to throw some sour cream on there. I think that would have been really good.

I also didn't like the lime juice. I figured that was going to happen, and I probably used too much, but I just don't like lime.

If making this again, I should either use better (bigger) fish sticks or put them in a tortilla. 

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