Wednesday, February 3, 2016

May The Floss Be With You

Just when I think I can't get any more nerdy...awhile back, I did a Craftster swap (I've since forgotten the theme) where I embroidered a hoop of  Bo and Daisy Duke for my partner. I got to thinking that I should do something like that for myself, so I give you...Kit Fisto!!

I found Kit's image by searching Yahoo for Star Wars coloring pages. The fabric is some muslin type that I got from AC Moore, along with the embroidery thread.

I used my front door's glass as a projector on a sunny day, taped the picture and the fabric up to it, and traced the image on with a pencil. It's roughly 8.5" x 10".

I love Kit because I thought he was such an interesting character. visually speaking. I've read that Phil LaMarr, an actor I enjoy very much, was the voice of Kit in the animated Clone War series, but he did so with a slight Jamaican-type accent.

Personally, I never thought Kit would sound Jamaican. I don't remember hearing him speak in episodes 1-3, but I figure his voice would be deep and slightly gurgly, kind of like what Abe Sapien would sound like under water.

Wow, that's the geekiest thing to come out of my mouth in a long time! :) I just combined Star Wars and Hellboy in the same sentence!
My next planned embroidery project will be of William Shatner as Captain Kirk. I think once I get enough of these, I might have to turn them into a blanket of some kind.

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