Friday, March 11, 2016

Can I Get a Hallelujah!!??!

My Fit can be repaired!!! He lives to drive another day!

The repair center called me today and said despite the additional damage that was found behind the back bumper, we are go for repairs! The list of parts is pretty extensive so he'll be out of commission for about a month, but I get to have him back in all his grey fiberglass glory.

The advisor even said he thought the car handled the accident pretty well. My husband said he agreed with that, because it took two hits like that, back to back.

If you look up the 2016 Honda Fit on Edmunds, you'll see it damn near has a full five stars in every safety category.

Granted, this was not an accident in which I was in serious danger. The scariest thing was thinking I was going to then be hit by oncoming traffic because of how hard I was hit. But Honda has made a customer for LIFE now.

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