Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pesto Pizza/20 Recipes Down

Tonight's supper was Pesto Pizza from Just A Bunch of Recipes. 

My husband has called me a pizza snob in the past, and it's a title I agree with. "Sex is like pizza. Even if it's done bad, it's still good." Ummmm, no. When pizza (or sex) is bad, it's not still good.

That being said, I really liked this recipe. I truly loved the simplicity of its toppings. The downfall to it was how I chose to make it.

What did I learn from this recipe?
I learned this recipe should not be made in a pizza oven. It should be made in an actual oven, with the crust should probably get baked first for about five minutes before adding the toppings. On the upside, it's easy enough to make again so I can give it another try and have it turn out better than the first time.

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