Saturday, April 23, 2016

Galacticon in Virginia Beach

Galacticon is a science fiction and fantasy convention held in Virginia Beach at the Virginia Beach Central Library, also known as the Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library. It was held today and the Rebel Legion had a table there. Since everyone else was busy that day, I was the person who staffed the first (Han) Solo event...see whut I did there? :)

It was a very small area for the vendors, but there seemed to be good foot traffic in here.

Star Lord was there with Rocket. He actually showed up with Captain America (I'd actually first seen him at Tidewater Comicon last year) and Spider-Man.

There were two Star Trek fan groups there: one that seemed more original series-based, and one that was more Klingon-based. (I got a photo with the two Klingons there but it's a printed photo and I need to scan it.)
I liked this: "Deactivated Borg tribble sentry drone."

I brought my laptop to bring up some Star Wars videos on  You Tube, but the table to the left was the Star Trek table, and they were showing DVD's, so it would have been a little too noisy.
It's a super goofy picture of me, but it was crowded and quick, but I had to get a picture with Spidey. :)
And damn it. I really need to work on adjusting that belt and my left tabbard!

This has some potential to turn into something kind of fun, over time and with some serious work. It's a free event to attend, but there wasn't enough marketing put out about it: no Facebook, nothing on the library's online calendar. The only reason I knew about it was because the Rebel Legion had it posted on it's own calendar for our area.

The next con will be RavenCon in Williamsburg next week.

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