Friday, April 8, 2016

My Car is HOME!

The collision center called me first thing this morning and said my car is done and could be picked up!

I do have to take him back in 60 days to get the clear coat and under carriage protection reapplied to it, and I can't wash or wax him for 60 days right now. I'm sure that will be extended a bit once the other stuff gets redone, but that's okay.

It was a good drive home tonight. I was able to drop off the piece of shit Elantra I was renting and drive home in a comfy, clean car that doesn't feel like it could fall apart if I sneezed too hard while driving it.

Plus, car rental companies need to realize those "no smoking" stickers they put on the dashboards don't do a damn thing. For the first week or so, I felt like I was driving around in an ashtray. The rental needed a couple of interior spray downs of citus-scented disinfectant.

This last (almost) month, I've been kind of an anxiety-based driver while on the secondary roads. If someone else was driving, I've been fine. But put me in a car and let me see someone coming up behind me, then I just tense up real bad and it's like seeing the car coming for me all over again. After a couple of self-perceived close calls (that probably really weren't), I actually realized I was moaning with fear while I was driving and I absolutely hate that.

I don't want the anxiety to try and take over my life again. I went through that shit when Mom passed away and it took me MONTHS to get it back under control. I don't want it to become that monkey on my back again, because that's what it seemed like to me...a negative, nagging little bastard of a nuisance you can't get rid of.

I did learn something new about my car though today, from the guy I picked it up from. He said my car has something he's never seen before and it may have well saved my life. This is the truly weird thing to me. I didn't realize the damage was THAT bad, that we're talking about life endangerment.

He showed me a picture he had taken of the spare tire compartment, after it had been removed from my car. It was laying upside down, and it actually has extra frame rails on the underside. He said those rails are just as strong and heavy as the other rails, and their placement there kept my car from crumpling on the rear impact.  He said he's never seen them on any other kind of car, and his opinion is that EVERY car should have them.

Thank you, Honda, for making such a great car!

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