Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Got My Chest Box Completed

Tonight, I got the chest box done for my X-wing pilot costume.

I'm not going to say where, or from who, I ordered it from, because it was in such rough shape, it looked used and abused, but not in a good, weathered kind of way. When I opened the box, I was expecting a new piece.

The sad thing is that the cost for this box was about $5 less (and minus shipping) than the better kit I should have bought from Etsy.

The white pin striping tape on both sides was peeling off, and the maker suggested I just paint on white stripes. Gee, thanks! I thought I was buying a completed items. Now, I have to go back and fix your laziness!

This box is made out of wood, and I don't think anything was done to seal the paint on it, once it was complete. I ended up having to do a complete repaint on it.

I bought silver (thought I was buying black) and white pin striping tape from Pep Boys. I used the silver on the left side to create the illusion of straight lines on the black box. Then I reapplied the new white tape.

No matter how much white paint I put on the center bottom button, I couldn't cover up what looked like a black Sharpie marker dot. I think it was supposed to be a small indention on the button, because the other two grey buttons had them too. My new paint covered those dots though.

I bought a package of red crystals in the same size as the dots, and Super Glued them on the buttons. I then used some black crafting paint to weather the front and sides. And even through it doesn't make a bunch of sense, I sprayed on two coats of poly when it was done. Since I was mixing Testor's and craft paint, on wood, with pin striping tape, I thought this might protect it a little better. Thankfully, the poly doesn't appear to be super shiny here, like it did on the comm pad.

I do have the hose that hangs from the bottom of the box. It's just not in this picture.

The chest boxes, like the comm pads, have a variety of appearances.

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