Saturday, May 28, 2016

Got my Comm Pad Finished

I've been slowly working on a second Star Wars costume for the Rebel Legion. There are probably about 10-12 of us, scattered throughout the Virginias working on X-Wing pilot costumes. This cosplay stuff gets kind of addicting! I'm still trying to finish up a new set of tabbards for my Jedi costume, for God's sake!

I ordered a comm pad (and helmet) from Darth Hair on Etsy. I believe this is cast in resin, and it has Velcro on the backside. I'm not sure of the purpose of the comm pad. There were a number of different, but similar, designs for the Rebel comm pads.
I followed the paint scheme for the "Rebel" on the far left. I bought Testor's silver instead of primer grey, because I needed silver for another project.
This goes in the left sleeve, in a cutout pocket for the comm pad. The small top red button on the left seems to have two small white dots on it. That is actually just the flash from my phone's camera.
I actually had a hard time getting started on this. I found out the craft paints I had weren't working for this piece. I had to go back and prime it, and those craft paints still didn't want to take. So, I headed out to Michael's to get some model car paints from Testors. I bought flat white paint in a spray can, painted the whole thing in white, and then went back in with the paints in the small jars for the rest.

I thought about trying to weather or age this piece when I was done with the detailing (I'm almost done with my chest box, which will be another post here in a day or two), but because this is such a small piece with small gaps between the "buttons," I decided to stop while I was ahead. Instead, I sprayed it with two coats of some satin poly and call it done.

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