Friday, May 20, 2016

Han Solo's Blaster, Just in Time For Tidewater Comicon!

Wow, nothing like really dragging out the projects! Tomorrow, Tidewater Comicon starts and I'm still trying to get ready for it!

As usual, the Rebel Legion will be there, and I decided to show off the newest prop I finished: Han Solo's blaster from "The Empire Strikes Back." I actually made this to go along with the X-Wing pilot costume I'm working on, because as an adult...I need another costume and I just wanted a blaster to go along with it. Seems totally reasonable, doesn't it? But I'm taking it this weekend as another prop to use if anyone wants their picture taken in front of our Tantive IV backdrop.

Anyhoo, I started with an orange and white toy from Amazon. It was a whole $15 and uses 2 AA batteries to make blaster sounds.

I used OB1Al's tute on turning it into something a little more screen accurate. I actually had everything I needed to make this.

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid..."
Natural light here. Had the flash on in the first picture.

I tried to make the barrel look a little tarnished, like lots of use and heat had altered the metal color. This was actually a flat grey and a silver paint brushed on the end of the barrel, and pulled down to the brown part. You can't see it in the pictures here, but I left the end of the barrel bright (original) orange. It's unpainted to ensure it stays con-friendly and obviously a toy prop.

I even did a really simple wash on the grip, wiping on some black crafting paint and then wiping it off right away. Getting that little bit of black paint in those grooves really makes a huge difference in appearance.

If you were to hold it in your hand, pointed at something, and looked down on the back end of the scope, you'd see that the dark walnut spray paint I used didn't totally cover up the primer. Normally, that would drive me bat-shit crazy and I'd have to keep repainting it until it was all covered. But in this case, I think it adds a little something to the weathering.

I rubbed some of the paint off with a little bit of sandpaper, to work a little more on that aged look. I hit some of the places that stuck up higher on the blaster.

The only thing I forgot to do was to actually open up the battery compartment, before I clear coated it with a little bit of polyurethane....d'oh!!! I can get the screws out but I can't open the compartment to put batteries in! But I am really liking how it turned out!

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