Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spent Part of the Day at RavenCon

Some people love spring because it's a sign of rebirth, and everything turns green and fresh again. Me...I realize it's the beginning of the con season! :) This weekend's con was RavenCon.

RavenCon is a 3-day event that covers everything you love about science fiction, fantasy, and horror.I spent part of the day up there yesterday at the Rebel Legion table. It was a good day, with some fun pictures to be a part of at the RL backdrop of the Tantive IV. But this time, I only took a few pictures myself of the other displays and cosplayers.

There was some group selling birds (dodos?) dressed as various Batman family characters. One of the girls there was giving out ribbons to various cosplayers that said, "Dodo Approved Costume." I ended up getting one but I'm not sure what it meant. She said something about supporting women in cosplay.

After arriving, this dalek was actually controlled from the inside by an adult woman.

Female Klingon.

Steampunk R2-D2: I really wanted to jump in front and have someone take my picture with it, a la Princess Leia, but it was super crowded over here. Maybe they'll be at Tidewater ComicCon and I can do it then.

This TARDIS belonged with the steampunk group. I was going to ask if I could get my picture taken, coming out of it, but there was actually a baby napping inside. I should have yelled, "The Doctor has regenerated again, and this time, he's even younger!"
I also met the guy behind "The Adventures of Baby Skeletor": I am eeevil! Newly reborn and stuck in baby form! But that won't stop me from exerting my treachery everywhere I go until I rule all! This is funny as shit! And BTW, I want that damn Baby Skeletor toy for myself now and they are impossible to find!

I also met Michael A. Ventrella, author of Bloodsucker: A Vampire Runs for President. This sounded like a fun book so I had to pick up a copy of it. Michael even autographed it for me. :)

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