Friday, June 24, 2016

Pasta With Tomatoes and Marscarpone/27 Recipes Down

Tonight's supper was another one from Just a Bunch of Recipes, with some truly Italian pasta shells I picked up from an olive oil store in Virginia Beach.

I've never cooked with marscapone before, and it took going to two different grocery stores out here to find it. However, living out here in the East Coast gives us an advantage when it comes to grocery shopping that we didn't have in the midwest: there are more people from different countries living out here, so we have a lot more specialty grocery stores out here, and more international grocery items to choose from. :) Suck it, Iowa! Mwuhahahahahahaha!

What did I learn from this recipe?
I had to try a spoon of the marscapone before I added it to my sauce. I have had it baked in phyllo shells by a friend, but I didn't know what it tasted like alone. I was surprised that it didn't taste more like a goat cheese, because that's what I was expecting.

That being said, I loved this recipe. I'm going to start keeping that in my freezer so I can add some to any kind of tomato-based sauces. Shane really liked it too and said it was probably one of the best sauces he's had so far.

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