Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sweet Chili Soy Sauce Sauce/25 Recipes Down

Today's recipe came from Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Short Cuts. Like the red pepper sauce from yesterday, I also made it last night. I actually made my lunch for today after making supper last night, and  I wanted to make sure the THREE WHOLE ingredients in it had time to really meld together well in the frig.

Basically, this is another multi-use sauce, so I made shrimp, rice and veggies to go with it. And like the sauce from last night's supper, I used this as a cold sauce, right out of the frig.

What did I learn from this recipe?
There wasn't anything really remarkable about this sauce. It was good...I like sweet chili sauce. I love soy sauce, so why did I not get too excited about this recipe? I'm not sure. When I poured it over my lunch and started to eat it, I could taste both main ingredients (the other being a little garlic) in it. It was almost like the flavors stayed separate from each other, even though they did mix together.

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